Sunday, July 24, 2022

Bits of Sewing Time


I stayed away from blogger due to the HACK and I hope things work out now with the given time away.  I am extremely wary of any mail, post, reads, etc. due to this unfortunate incident.  BUT, I don't want to shut down the blog because of some one elses heartless deed.

I used bits of time to get all the stars done for the guild round robin challenge.  I've been doing a little traveling and family time while 'off grid'.

With this oppressive heat wave keeping everyone hiding indoors, I used the time to get them into rows.

  Some strip piecing that will be sub-cut to complete four 16-patches for the corner settings.  Then I will work on getting this round (really borders and I hate borders) added.  There is one more round that must have flying geese and I plan to just make corner 'Dutchman's Puzzle' blocks.  As long as I don't drag my feet (or think of them as borders), I should get that done this week.  It's going to be a BIG quilt!

  My furkids soak up the morning cooler temp and then crawl inside to lay near a fan.  In the evening they take back to the porch.

I picked up 5 commissions (all queen size) which will keep me quite busy, so I am so sad that I will have to sit out the rest of the year's Blog Hops that I like to take part in.  Hey, I need to prepare some extra income for the increase of oil prices to heat this monster size house this winter.

Stay Safe,

Sewingly Yours,



Nancy J said...

Love the cats on the porch, and your heat, so hard to know we are in the same world, and almost all over our area there is heavy rain, all week!!!

Lynn Hunger said...

So glad to have you back online. Too bad the hackers Moms are not sad enough about their children s choices in life, maybe their disapproval and sad ness would help

MissPat said...

Sadly being online is risky business, but hard to avoid. Sort of like Covid. At least you have a lot to keep you busy.

Barbara said...

Glad you're back. I did receive an email from someone pretending to be you a couple of weeks ago. Didn't click on the link. I'm glad you've got it straightened out, and you're back at blogging. So disheartening when something like that happens.

loulee said...

Good to have you back.
Love to see the cats on the porch and hear of their activities. Mine sits in front of the AC on hot days waiting for me to turn it on. LOL

sewyouquilt2 said...

Moe and Bella look so cute I could just kiss em lol. Sorry you got hacked. This world is crazy. Love your stars

Quilter Kathy said...

I'm sorry your account was hacked. Too bad the hackers don't take up something useful like quilting!
Your scrappy star blocks are beautiful!

Joyce Carter said...

I really love those stars Sharon. My computer refuses to let me on Bloglovin since it updated so I am now following on Blogger. I am glad you are posting again. I love to read about what you are doing.