Sunday, September 27, 2020

Monday Making


I did get the patch rail top together and I may (or may not) add a border.

I searched back thru photo files to show one I did with the light setting - just a different look.

I finished off this wall hanging and .......

I changed up the Covid piece.  I wasn't happy with where it was going and the little houses made me happy.  So I literally chopped off two borders (yes I did two borders and then took them off) and bound this - done.  Four wall hangings finished off, two large quilts finished off, and one quilt top put together.  It filled up a long month.  Now my machine is put away for a while as I have another project that is going to take some time.

I am slowly going thru items being brought from an estate - one of our guild's founding members- she wanted her sewing and quilting items to be donated to the guild and I am being the steward.  This is about an 1/8th of the many books and magazines.  I shared one car load at a guild meeting and the left overs I'm storing.  Another car load is here and has been gone thru to take to another meeting.

This is half of what has come in here - some has been taken to the guild, but this all has to be processed - sorted, pressed, folded, and regrouped.  As we have a speaker for our next meeting it will be held until the following meeting for the guild to enjoy.  AND I do hope they take ALL of it!  Even the bins and storage carts.  Hopefully I can get thru most of this before the next load comes in.

And this all happened when I was preparing to relocate all of my things - so yes, I have a huge quilty mess in my house.

My SIL shared this with me.  She and my brother took a ride up into the Adirondack Mts. and found this bar and grill near Caroga Lake.  OMG!!

My Monday Making, I will be up to my arm pits in fabrics to be pressed........

Sewingly Yours,




  1. What a huge job you've undertaken...take care...
    hugs, julierose

  2. I'm exhausted just reading about all your efforts. Good luck with the estate sorting and whatever personal moving you are undertaking.

  3. Oh my gosh! That bar and grill is crazy! Is that a relationship of yours? Love all your colorful quilts.

  4. I love the patch rail quilt, you always have such good scrappy quilts. You've made good progress finishing up some projects. Happy sorting!

  5. The patch rail quilt is stunning, well, done with the other finishes too. That is a huge job for you to sort the ladies quilting supplies . Hope the guild members help by taking lots home.

  6. Love the use of scraps...must remember that one...
    Good luck ironing & sorting ALL the estate...xox

  7. Hi Sharon! Looks like you are still busy as ever! I have still been Doing a lot of quilting but have neglected my blog😔. Think of you often