Monday, August 12, 2019

Monday Making - Quilt Show One

Since I am working on a project that can't be shown until next month, it is a good time to share one of the quilt  shows that I went to on Saturday.  Fellow guild member, Emily, went with me and we hit the Cairo Piecemakers, Cairo, NY first.  A pleasantly much cooler day, but as we drove into the Catskill Mountains we were greeted by a huge formation of Canadian Geese.  Come on - it's early August!

I just adored this little free form wool piece that was set into an old license plate frame.  Of course I got the scoop on how this was made and fastened - just love!!

This was the mother ship of creation.  I would have bought this - if for sale.  Free form piecing and hand quilted with a large stitch.  The light brown was actually a much darker, warmer color - cameras and indoor lighting.  I wish I could have shown the back (I knew it was two sided) - log cabins, rails, stars, mock ladders, random blocks - oh my!  All wool, but I could see using my plaids and homespuns.

Heres another small piece using this method.  Wouldn't this be a fun new technique' for a guild class?  You can tell I was really drawn to this.

This was all chenille, satins, and velors - also, two sided.  Can you say HEAVY!  A 'please do not touch' sign was right next to it, but oh so hard to resist running a hand over all this rich tecture.

I loved this modern piece - the gray was more of a dark slate (again indoor lights).  The member took a class at Amelia's Garden Shop.  They were the speakers/trunk show at our Hall of Fame Picnic.

Emily liked this one.  Fun little frogs and love the extra touch of the large applique' in the corner.

This was another new technique's this guild learned - mosaic collage fuseable piecing an object.  This one is actually a kit (we discovered that when we went to the fabric shop up the road).

But there were a lot of small pieces done that members had taken a picture or silhouette as their quide to collage.  They are having another class later this month and I got invited.

This was a small show of about 14 large quilts and a number of small items scattered about.  Its's an annual show so it showcases the new work and technique's that the members accomplish for the year.  They had a raffle quilt, raffle baskets, and guild boutique.  I hit up the raffles, but refrained from the boutique.

I'll share the second show tomorrow - and things I bought.

Now I need to go quilt,
Sewingly Yours,


Denise :) said...

Wow ... lots to see and take in! I love the mosaic cat, particularly!! ♥

Nancy J said...

The mosaic pieces, they are brilliant.

sewyouquilt2 said...

Wow awesone quilts. Thanks for taking US to the quilt show too. Always fun inspiration

Gretchen Weaver said...

Will we be seeing some new projects on your blog inspired by these quilts? Happy Stitching!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Great quilts. Thanks for the photos.

Kate said...

Very fun projects, thank you for sharing. The kitty is my favorite with the giraffe a close second.