Friday, August 30, 2019

Whooping Friday

The 'Garden' quilt is coming along nicely.  All of Block A (66) and Block C (55) are done.  I actually finished up all of Block D (55) after this photo. 

Today I want to finish up Block B (66).  I will work the color rows as strattas and sub-cut, but the center row  I have most of them done as individual pieces that I used as leader/enders while working A,C,D. 

I'd like all of these blocks done and picked up by the end of today as I have other committments over the weekend.

I was so pleased with myself what I worked thru not only two grocery bags of scraps, but three.  Pieces for the "Garden" quilt and the next three projects with the rest put away or cut down into my barrels.  THEN!!!!  I got this box in.  Slap my hands as I have enough in progress - BUT isn't this fun?

My Aunt also dropped off a lot of her quilty things as she is no longer able to sew.  I am not touching that and have offered anyone coming for classes or visiting - grab a bag or box and take it with you.  I'll worry about what is left after that gleaning.

My prayers are with all in the path of Dorian - stay safe.
Sewingly Yours,


kiwikid said...

You have made so many blocks, well done! Good luck with the scrap bag disposal.

sewyouquilt2 said...

Your blocks are so cool.cant wait to see the end result. Its funny how scraps find their way to us isnt it.

Sarah Craig said...

Great progress! It seems like scraps never end, doesn't it?

Kate said...

That's a lot of progress and a lot of scraps! Looking forward to seeing those blocks become a quilt.