Friday, July 26, 2019

Whooping it Up on Friday

I happily have all my Red scraps pieced for the "Simply Sensational Summer Scrap Quilt" by KEVIN (button on side bar).  All those 4-patches need pressing and trimming, but that is something to do at night as it is too hot to be over an iron for any length of time.  I pulled a lot of lite scraps from the gifted bags, totes, and boxes - plus to mix my own - to be ready for clue #2 which came out today.  That will be my weeekend stitching. 

I was going to add to my Temecula QUilt Co. button blocks as long as I had those scraps going, but once I laid them all out - counted - I have more than enough.

Of course, the helper is in the mix of trying to put these into rows.  She is my shadow while trying to adjust to the new 'norm' around here.  I need to catch Moe in some photos, but with Summer he is constantly outside roaming the property, visiting neighbors, hunting birds, and helping my brother with any outside work.

There!!!  Set 13 across and 15 down with several twosie rows and one single row - this one is almost a flimsy.  This is one of those old patterns that you wouldn't add borders to - but who knows.  It may get a skinny stop border and then a final scrappy border.

Remember the 12 Days of Christmas is still open with SARAH until the 30th, so you still have time to visit links and sign into the FIGO fabric give away.  Sarah will keep all the links up under her tab for the year so you can always go back to a favorite pattern and create for your holiday season.  I bookmarked a few that I hope to get to later in the year.

Sewingly Yours,


Brenda said...

I got my button blocks together - what a chore, but it sure was worth it. Making the blocks was a lot more fun. I love your quilt, too.

Frédérique said...

I love the helper ;) Pretty Button quilt, that's a lot of blocks!

Ellie said...

Lovely blocks! And a kitty to help!

Toni Macomb said...

Thanks to you I began Kevin's Mystery Quilt yesterday. I don't usually do mysteries. (Having done one and was unhappy with the results) but the promise of easy and 4 patches made me interested. He kiddingly talked about people complaining about how many there were in Clue One...but I like doing them and I do square them up after. I don't mind the tedious, mindlessness, or making them or trimming. I like it!

Barbara said...

That looks great, and your helper cat is on the job.