Monday, June 24, 2019

Monday Making

Half of the floral quilt is completed and even if these are not fabrics I chose to buy or work with, this was the easiest way to use them up.  Yes, the gifted baggy is empty!  I cut as many 6.5" squares as I could get out of them and the rest was cut down into my scrap barrel system.

The sashing I wanted a soft look to, so chose what is left of my Osnaburg Muslin (closest match to original flax linen) and the corner stones are from this old piece of what looks mottled but is a beige/light green leaf swirl.

Today I hope to get the other half sashed and then stitch the two halves together.  I hate borders, but want to get those on so this un-planned project can be wrapped up and cleared from the table.

I have 4 major events (and one blog Hop) in early July, so I need to get those things all wrapped up and ready to go out the door (or on-line).  We are expecting another rainy week, lots of indoor time to get all things done.

Sewingly Yours,


kiwikid said...

Wonderful quilt top from the gifted baggie!

Nancy J said...

Lovely, and to keep the florals in larger pieces shows them off so well with the paler sashings.

Barbara said...

It looks so soft and pretty!

Ulrikes Smaating said...

Hej Sharon,
looks amazing, how it turns out :0) best wishes from Denamrk, Ulrike :0)

Kate said...

A simple, but effective way to use up all those florals.