Monday, June 3, 2019

Back to Work

Well the judging is finished and the quilts are all hung at the library, so it's time to get some serious work done.  This is the next commission piece.  One very huge tumbler quilt - hand pieced!  Just soak in that scrappy goodness and notice all of those bubblegum pinks.  Mixed mostly with browns, but a sprinkle of fun color here and there.

This quilt top was made by the young man's grandmother and somewhere along the way an aunt tied this quilt.  She used a rather odd piece for the back, but they want to keep it because of the 'family' character of it - I gather the aunt was a bit odd too.  The problem is the 'batting' is a wool blanket that is folded in half and was not laid square with the quilt top.  So one - it is one very heavy quilt!  Two, they want it bound for a smoother finish to help preserve it.  Being that the blanket is kiltered, I will be adding a piece of old wool blanketing of same weight around the edge to bring it out to full size.  They picked out one of my reproduction browns to use as a binding and then that will get attached.

I am loving that these younger generations are taking pride in the heritage of these wonderful old quilts being brought to me.  Learning of their past 'hands' has been a treasure and I am happy to help them in preserving these gems. 

Sewingly Yours,


Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

It would be wonderful if they would let you use batting and take out that old wool blanket! Both quilts have so much charm.

Barbara said...

I have a very old quilt from my least, I’m told it was from my was new to me when I saw it the first time, and she was long gone.’s made from wool or flannel, and it’s in bad shape. I keep it, but I’ve read posts like yours recently about how to repair and refurbish it. Makes me want to get it out and have another look. I might have to take all the blocks apart and redo it, but it would be a treasure when it was finished. I got a chuckle about the aunt being a bit odd.

kiwikid said...

So good to read such a treasure is being repaired and kept in the family.

Barbara said...

Looks like a lovely day! Beautiful area.

Quilter Kathy said...

I love the story of this quilt and that the family wants to preserve it, it all it's quirky glory!

KatieQ said...

I love the scrappy thimbles. I guess the aunt's intentions were better than her technique. It's lucky that you had a blanket that worked with the original one. You're really going to grow some muscles moving that heavy quilt around as you bind it.