Friday, May 3, 2019

Whooping Friday

Nice neat piles of string blocks - 48 of them and then I ran out.  AND NO - I am not making anymore!  The purpose was to use up the strings and clear that shoebox tote.  There are a few light strings and I am using those to feed my Temecula 'button' blocks.

BARBARA shared a post about the Virginia Quilt Museum block Challenge.  A signature block that will be on display and then they will all be set into a raffle quilt  for funds for the museum.  I made and sent my block in and you can find the information HERE 

Karen in Buffalo - you are a no-reply responder, so I am answering your question here.  She asked what size the HSTs in the Broken Dishes blocks were.  They are 2" unfinished - so set in the block, you get a 3.5" unfinished block.  This Temecula Quilt Co pattern "Summer Scraps" has two panels of 44 rows of three blocks - so a lot of blocks.

I am happy to say there is some empty spaces on those shelves.  More will be going out the door as I pack up two boxes to pass on to two people.  The mess in the corner behind the table top ironing board are items that will be going to my next guild meeting.  Three large totes of flannel, minky, plushy, textured fabrics - A couple bags of heavy fleece and crafty items - all for our summer challenge for fall donation.  I'll share that after the meeting. 

The goal is to get down to one shelf unit for fabrics and the other for my few books and containers of in-progress projects.  AND only one tote for quilts to be quilted.  Although, I would like that tote to disappear as well.

The new RSC19 color is ORANGE and I have very little orange.  The Chandelier Bead Blocks take very little 'color', so I used up a little of that little - make sense - HA!

The dark background Beads - as you can see I am only using the color in the center and white corners.

The next block for the Threadology quilt - Economy Block.  These worked up so quickly.  Just one more block (on the 15th) and then this can be laid out to get the center of the quilt put together.  The pattern can be found HERE for this QAL.

Since I am further ahead with the Temecula 'button' blocks, I am taking time to sew them into 'twosies' for better storage.  Those tall piles have filled the container so I can't put the top on, so I want to put them into a newly emptied shoebox tote.  They will lay flatter, and be easier to put the quilt together if sewn in companions.  It will, also, give me an idea of what colors I am lacking to balance the blend.

We've had nothing but rain for the past 8 days, but we are not nearly as in trouble as those handling tornados and the Mississippi  flooding.  My heart goes out to you all - hugs and prayers.

Sewingly Yours,


  1. Lots of cool projects going on in your house ;))) I love the dark chandelier beads...I think that will be striking...hug for a lovely weekend Julierose

  2. So many projects going on. Not sure how you keep them straight, but I always enjoy peeking into your sewing room.

  3. An empty string box...I am just a wee bit jealous, as I have no idea what that is like! LOL!!! You just rock the stash busting and I love it.

  4. Great start to ORANGE month for the RSC!!

  5. Love your strings and those chandelier blocks are calling to me. I think i have to make one lol

  6. Love those string blocks! Like you, I hope to see my quilting hobby down to two sets of shelves by the end of the year.

  7. I love both sets of "orange" blocks... but all your sewing is an interesting read.

  8. Love your chandelier blocks, it seems a nice easy pattern so I'm thinking of doing it for next year's RSC. This is the first year I've participated so I wasn't sure how I would keep up. I also rather like the Temecula block which you and others are stitching, so many possibilities!

  9. You made good use of your limited amount of ORANGE scraps! Best of luck with your destash and reorganization project.