Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Scrappy Wednesday

I didn't get lost, just very involved in a number of things right now.  Our regional Quilters Hall of Fame has started rolling with a number of events, our local quild has several things going and trying to finalize as we take the summer off, an up-coming quilt show with lots of planning, and a new commission.  This pile of scraps was in a plastic bag for years, stashed in a closet - out of sight, out of mind.  The poor quilter now has trouble with eye sight and would like the project finished as her last quilt.

Very typical 50's fabrics set into the popular log cabin block at that time as well.  Let me flip them....

Her machine had a lovely stitch, BUT she seamed so, so, so close to the edge.  These delicate and ravely fabrics will just create burst seams.

New little blocks with proper 1/4" seams are in the works for as far as that pile of strips will go.    Depending if I get what I mathed for a twin size, we are good.  If not, I have a pink and a blue homespun that works with these and I will be adding another round to size the blocks up - I won't need as many blocks.

You can see the difference.   I don't want to use her blocks or even attempt to take them apart to redo.  The plan with them is to use a fuseable interfacing to support them and make a couple of pillow tops to go with the quilt.  A dense meander will help as well.  The quilt will be done with a stitch in the ditch.

We are very cold, very wet - even had snow over the weekend!  This is a good project to bury myself into while waiting for our Spring to arrive.

Sewingly Yours,


  1. Good of you to try to complete it for her. Those fabrics look like the 80s to me, I have a pink and blue quilt from that decade that looks a lot like those fabrics.

  2. Seems like a good solution to the problem. I enjoy reading what you’re doing with these less-than-perfect quilts to rejuvenate and save them. Interestingly, I once worked with a friend who was a seamstress but didn’t quilt. We made a nine-patch doll quilt together. I kept telling her to line her fabric up with the edge of the quarter-inch foot, but she too kept sewing right next to the edge. And with each seam, I’d say, “Now, I want to see a good quarter-inch seam allowance,” and she’d still do the same thing. It was curious to me...a kind of “sewing blindness.” So when you mentioned that, it made me wonder.

  3. A labor of love for sure and one that will be treasured. I remember those colors. Everything I did at one time was with them. LOL!! Fun to see how we change through the years

  4. Sharon, Love to see your solutions!

  5. That a sweet project for you to tackle. It sounds like a good use for the already created blocks too.