Friday, March 15, 2019



If you are new to RSC, you need to check out ANGELA's super great way to use up scraps by color.  Each month she announces a color and usually has a quilt/block idea each year.  This year is tiny blocks and I hope to catch up on those next month.

This month is green with hopes of seeing SPRING - we are all sick of this winter.  I had to clean my machine inbetween quilting, so I quick made up my Chandelier Bead Blocks.

And the ones with the black background.  I have enough green scraps/fabric to make at least three large quilts - this isn't even a dent.

Today is National Quilting Day, so go sew!
Sewingly Yours,


  1. Looking forward to seeing this project grow. SEW pretty in GREEN!!

  2. I am tempted to join in,I have a HUGE lot of scraps in so many colours. I do like your blocks with the black, they are strikingly lovely. ( Is that a real way to describe a quilt block? )

  3. That's an excellent use of scraps... xox

  4. You always make the coolest things.
    I cant wait to see chandelier, both versions

  5. I am loving those chandelier blocks! Are you combining the black and white backgrounds in one quilt, or making two separate ones?

  6. I'm wild about those chandelier bead blocks, too! I think I might end up doing them for next year's RSC. (It's not too early to plan for next year, is it?)