Friday, December 15, 2017

Whoop Whoop Friday

Since I am into my 'finish it' phase, I pulled the next tote from the grey crate tower next to the machine.  The Temecula Geese will be the order for the day.  With the new Snowball QAL in progress, this one needs to be finished.  They were sewn into rows of four and those dark/light rows into making eights.  So much easier to finally put them into the final rows with larger units.  

The last Patchwork Sampler block has been released with the setting instructions.  The blocks work up rather quickly so I am hoping to get the sashings and inner border cut cut so I can put that big hunk of Kona back on the shelf.  Actually I know of a 2018 project that I'm going to use it in.  I'll change the outer border to a piano key setting so I can use up the leftover block fabric.  I know I bought an extra wide for the backing on this one - it's in that huge tote (labeled), so this one will be worked on thru the weekend.

The next clue for 'On Ringo Lake' has come out, too.  Aqua and browns (I need to search for some darker browns) to play with.  I will cut a few at a time to have at the machine to use as leader/enders while I work on the above two projects.  There are a lot of units this time and working them as leader/enders make quick work of them while completing something else.

Bella is squirreled away somewhere, so I only have Moe for Feline Friday.  You know it's cold when he prefers to keep his spot in bed rather than do his normal morning 'walk about'.

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I'm happily getting some NaNa time later today and there has been a request to bring my sewing supplies to mend some stuffies.  I'll take some craft projects, too.  They can create along side of me - I love it!

Stay warm and enjoy the weekend,
Sewingly Yours,


Val's Quilting Studio said...

Enjoy your NaNa time!!!

Lucy said...

Your flying geese are great what a job it must have been. Congratulations.

Kristi said...

I've mended a few stuffies myself! One was on a camping trip where the battery wire disconnected from the 'bird sound'. We had to open up the little turkey and reset the battery wire and sew him back up in a tent!

Cheryll said...

Wow... you will be dreaming about geese flying...great effort.
Enjoy your NaNa time...xox

Sarah Craig said...

Oh have fun with your nana time! I get requests all the time to repair my grands' favorite stuffed animals and I love doing it!

Nancy J said...

Flying geese look wonderful, and what better place than to stay in bed in the morning!!!

sewyouquilt2 said...

Moe is pretty smart. those geese look fun. stay warm my friend

Barbara said...

Ha...Sadie spent most of her day snuggled up in a quilt yesterday. Kitties are experts when it comes to keeping warm.