Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Scrappy Wednesday

The next scrappy temperature rosette runs from dusty blues, brights, darks and even a purple.  I've pulled some purples as we are going into some seriously cold weather for the next 10 days - maybe even single digits!

36 - 26 - 22 - 20 - 32 - 27 - 20 

Linky with Sarah Did It

I'm working mostly on hand stitching now, but I did lay out the pieces for clue #5 for 'On Ringo Lake' with Bonnie Hunter's mystery.  It doesn't take long to chain a few, pin in sets of 10, and have the next set ready to go.  No race with this and they will get done in due time.

There will be 10 more lite and dark Temecula Quilt Co. snowballs to do before next week.  Again, these chain quickly thru the machine.  With this size corner, I just aim and go; no drawing lines.    As you can see, I'm not clipping corners yet.  Just how I roll.

The new little stitchery is all finished - why did I let that pattern sit for so long?  I have to dig thru scrappy stash for finishing this one.  Not sure I will use the FQ I pulled just to photo with as it's a bit too 'springy'.  But, I just wanted to get the handstitching done - maybe the first finish for the New Year.

I wrote out a lot of 'blocks' for SARAH's Scrap Attack.  I plan on combining this with RSC18.  Pull a slip and use the block with the month's color to make a project.  Could be a miniature, bag, quilt - what ever strikes my fancy.  It will help to use up the abundance of gifted scraps that came in toward the end of this year (and yet to be sorted) as well as make me be a bit creative with the slip I pull.  I know there are a lot of slips there, but if I have a quick project and/or a lot of one color scrap - I can do two.

And Jo @ Jo's Country Junction came up with a brilliant idea to tackle an old BOM to finish.  I have never bought on-line or in-store BOM kit, but I acquired this project at a silent auction at a quilt show many years ago.  It was nicely kitted up with each block and I did all of the machine pieced blocks and a couple of the hand stitch blocks.  This will be the perfect solution to make sure this gem gets finished.

I thank those who wished me well - yes, I am still a bit under the weather with this virus.  Maybe it was a blessing that the snowy weather changed holiday plans because I was not up to entertaining, food, noise.  I enjoyed my couch for long naps, cuddling furries, watching old movies, stitching, and just being a slug (oh, and I look like one, too).

I need to get a few staples, but for the most part I plan to stick to home with this very cold weather we are having.  I have plenty to work on.

Sewingly Yours,


Nancy J said...

On TV tonight,we saw the huge snow falls, the traffic disruptions, the pile-ups, a good time to be home,and keep up with that purple!!! Mighty cold indeed.

Lyndsey said...

I hope you are feeling better Sharon. The virus doing the rounds at the moment is awful and definitely leaves you feeling thoroughly drained. Stay snug, warm and safe.

Quilting Babcia said...

Happy to hear you're beginning to do better. We'd all best stay inside today, currently it is -7 degrees in our little corner of the state, and will probably go lower before dawn.

Barbara said...

Sorry you've been sick, but glad you're feeling better. We've been reading about the snowfall, and saw that Pennsylvania got 34 inches in a single day. Yikes! I almost feel guilty down here in Florida, sunny and warm. Almost...snow back home as well.

MissPat said...

Didn't realize you have been ill. Hope you are on the mend. This frigid spell gives you an excuse to stay home and putter. Oh, and cuddle the furkids if they let you. Be well.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Love the stitching!

Vireya said...

Looks like you have lots to keep you busy while you recuperate. Hope you will be back to 100% soon!

Pamela Arbour said...

It sounds like you are ready for 2018! Happy New Year!

Kate said...

Glad you are feeling somewhat better. Looks like you've been productive even with the naps and cuddle sessions. I have a scrap problem, but don't want to start 12 new projects. I'm hoping to work down some scrap bins with the RSC challenge next year.

Sarah said...

I love the idea of the block names on slips to combine with the color of the month! You'll have fun coming up with lots of projects. I need to get back in to the RSC project with two of my leader enders. I'll be home all weekend sewing my brains out so I bet pull out those LEs to get it ready. Happy New Year!!

Sarah said...

I forgot to add that I'm glad you're feeling better and I hope the furkids continue to nurse you back to health!

Sandy Panagos said...

Very nice, using the Scrap Attack and the color of the month challenge together! You'll get a lot done that way!