Sunday, August 6, 2017

Slow Sunday Stitching


It's been a while since I joined KATHY and friends with a day of slow stitching.  I have some housework to do, but I will break up duties with a sit down project.

I have a mini that needs a binding finished - a couple of threads will get this done.  And the label to stitch, too.

Then I need to get the temperature rosettes stitched to their squares and add them into the rows.  If I treat myself to a thread (or two) of stitching and then do one of my 'chores' - all things might get done today.

It has turned into Fall like temps here - I am a sweatshirt lovin' gal.  I will mix in a stroll around the yard (or two) to get some fresh air.  

Sewinly Yours,


  1. Great Slow Sunday stitching projects. I normally love Summer and hot temps, but after this long hot Summer we have had, I am definitely ready for Fall!

  2. Looks like you have your Sunday planned - enjoy your relaxing stitching :-)

  3. Fun hand stitching on your plate for today. The cooler temps are amazing. I'm starting to wonder if we skipped August.

  4. When I have chores to do I like to reward myself throughout the day with some stitching. It's a great win win with chores and stitching getting done. Love your temperature hexagons.

  5. I hope you enjoyed your Sunday stitching and walks!! It's also fall like here. I have a maple tree in my yard that is already orange and dropping leaves...about 2 weeks earlier than normal.