Thursday, May 25, 2017

Hands2Help Challenge 2017

I have participated in H2H since it's concept.  In the past I always gifted on to those year's listed charities, but we have a big need here in our own communities and opted to keep it to home this year.  If you want to see some amazing quilts that were made during this year's challenge, please visit the linky HERE.  (linky closes tonight)

I totally forgot to take photos of my finished pieces as I was a drop-off and delivery for our quilt guild's charity drive.  Quilts were piled on my quest bed and mine were included.  The Schoharie Valley Piecemakers (my lovely guild) delivered 42 quilts in time for Easter weekend home baskets.  Another 8 quilts came in to them after our initial delivery and I am thrilled with the care our members share with our communities.  

But this Sophia quilt was made entirely of 'gifted' fabrics from some of my quild members and I am sure some little girl is just tickled. 

This was another I made from a yard of a cute kitty quilt and paired up some matching solids and stripes.  Yup, no final picture but assure you was was finished and part of our donation.

I used this pattern  changing to a 2.5" outer final border.  This is a great pattern for a quick baby quilt.

And then I remembered............

I had made this confetti quilt, too and have a photo of a finish (and made three quilts).  I usually make one to represent each of my children that I am blessed with when I donate - totally forgot this one.

Please be sure to visit SARAH and all the fabulous donated quilts.

Sewingly Yours,


  1. What fantastic quilts ably shown off by the Kitties. Love the colours in the last one. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Susie x

  2. Super job on all of them. We just continue to cover our world in love.

  3. Such lovely quilts. Your guild is quite generous and I'm sure your community feels loved for it!

  4. Sarah always does such a great job getting H2H organized and I love watching those numbers grow each year. I see what you did there, taking pictures of the two loves and luckily the quilt was in the background, LOL. Keep those furbabies pictures coming.

  5. Lovely quilts, and as you say, some child is happy to cuddle in one. Your furry pals give the final approval I see.

  6. That is a fast, easy baby quilt pattern. Perfect to showcase prints that one doesn't want to cut into small pieces. Perfect for sweet charity quilts. I must give it a try.
    Fur babies look to still be in charge of your sewing area. You have spoiled them thoroughly, dear.

  7. Beautiful quilts and wonderful knowing they're doing their job of keeping people warm.

  8. Your quilts and your motivation to them is wonderful. H2H is such a terrific group to be associated with.

  9. Sounds like you had a very successful quilt drive. It has to feel good to spread the hugs (that's what DT calls her quilts).