Monday, April 17, 2017

Monday Making 4/17/17

Grab button Monday Making

I will be joining Beth and others with some Monday Making.  After a long over due and most wonderful time away, I am ready to get back to my machine.  I have some catching up to do!

First I caught up with the newest Solstice block.  This went easy as I had a lot of 'cut-offs' from other blocks and I just used them up - easy-peasy, but a big block for me (shudder)!

I had to calm myself - lets work tiny please,  The next block for the PatchWork Sampler.  These don't take a lot of fabric and work up quickly.

Since I need a huge number of tiny blocks for certain projects - I need to up the ante.  I was working 10 a week, but I am going for 20 a week with them or they will never get done.   This cleared out the last of my 'dark' plaids so I really have to hit the  thrift store again - maybe with the warmer weather of late some 'closet' clearing happened and there might be something of interest. 

Here are 40 (20 lite and 20 dark) geese ready to chain thru with a breeze.  I love making geese! 

All those pieces needed for 20 'H' blocks - lovin' these!!!!

And lastly, prepping pieces for the 'Puss in the Corner' blocks.

20 blocks of each might sound like a lot to some of you,  but these are tiny pieces and just fly thru the machine in no time.  My worry is keeping those fingers clear - this is how I put 3 stitches thru my finger before I realized it!  But I am power sewing the day away!!

Sewingly Yours, 


  1. Oh those sore fingers. I have done that once only, and almost panicked, Luckily I managed to have the needle out quickly, but it bled and bled and bled!!! Hope yours are all OK.

  2. All of those tiny pieces look like happiness and contentment for you, enjoy your Monday :)

  3. You make me laugh shuddering over your "big" blocks. That one did go together easily, though. I agree with you on that. You've got a lot going on there with all those "littles". Have fun today.

  4. Ouch. The thought makes me hurt. Your blocks are super cute.

  5. I giggled, too . . . I love your 'big' blocks! I sometimes shudder with little blocks!! :)

  6. You're a woman after my own heart. I think of six inch blocks as big enough - I much prefer the threes!
    All your scrappy work is always an inspiration. But watch your fingers! Your story made me flinch in sympathy!