Sunday, November 6, 2016

Let's Book It OCT 2016 Winner

Dust Off Those Books
Let's Book It has been such a big help to me in going to my meager book library and actually using them.  Also, some long stored files were used over the years.  A few books were passed on and some new books were purchased.  Our quilty tastes change or we find a new niche or we wish to expand our techniques and skills.  And there's nothing better than the smell of a new book.

If I brighted this photo, you don't see any design on the fabric or the pattern.  Although my lines on the fabric are extremely light - I don't like to over mark.  I may work some wool applique and of course buttons will be used in some places instead of stitches.

Mr Random chose this months winner:

Today I am thankful to live in a country where I am free to chose the books I want to read

Sewingly Yours,


Dana Gaffney said...

Congrats Debbie!
I cleaned out a lot of old stuff with Let's Book It that I didn't make, it made me take a look and yes, styles change and ability improves :)

Debbie said...

Thanks.....I agree with Dana that Let's Book It has been a greatmonthly motivator and I did glean /clean out a few things.

Barbara said...

Congratulations, Debbie! I agree with Dana. Definitely my taste in fabric and my desire about what to sew has changed over time. Let's Book It motivated me to make a lot of table runners and toppers that I wouldn't have otherwise.

Denise :) said...

Sweet charms -- congrats to Deb! Your little stitchery pattern is precious!! :)

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Congrats Deb. She deserves it

Cheryll said...

Congrats to Deb... a little sad that Book It has finished. But all things move along in life dont they...xox

Kate said...

Congrats to Deb! As long as you can see your marks, that's all that matters.