Thursday, November 17, 2016

Help for Hexies

Actually it is Help for Hexie-alics with SARAH, but I need help with this one for sure before I get too much further.  Not sure how to set these or where I am going with them.  I am using a layer cake and pull one blue, beige, and white from the cake - so I could logically make 42 large rosettes.  BUT, I want to set them so they just 'run' amongst themselves.  Does that make sense?  

Think I need to get the graph paper out for this one and play a little.

I have two more baskets prepped - the red and green flowers - to work on for Slow Sunday Stitching.  There will be 18 basket blocks, so I am working this one slow.  Then the patchwork part gets to be played with which will go fast.  Then it will be a slow project again as I want to hand quilt this one.  A quilt that will take me back to my 'roots'.

Today I am Thankful for stitching projects that help me reflect back into my heritage - handwork that my great gran and aunties did so beautifully.

Sewingly Yours,


  1. Great Hexies! I love seeing what others are doing. (Ideas for future projects maybe.)

  2. love your hexies and slow stitching is so relaxing

  3. Love your hexies! Beautiful colors. The flower basket blocks are stunning and are making me want to make some myself.

  4. I'm loving your baskets! It's such an original idea!
    By "run" amongst themselves, do you mean no sashing? Just kinda mishmash together? I think that would be fun but I would go crazy (crazier?) trying to get the colors balanced.

  5. I love the design of those baskets. Its nice to have a long term project on the go like that.

  6. Very pretty hexies. Hope you got in lots of slow stitching this week.