Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tuesday Archives - Exhibits

Val's Quilting Studio

I enjoy Val's Quilting Studio's Tuesday Archives.  It is fun (and funny) to look back into those earlier posts to match the week's theme.  Even though I may not have a post to match up, I do love visiting those who do.  Meeting new bloggers, getting aquainteded with their earlier works, just enjoying the eye candy.

This is the only exhibit that I shared on my blog and it is especially close to my heart.  This was our neighboring town's 300th Anniversary celebration in August 2012  and they hosted a special quilt show of locally family owned heritage quilts.  What is even more important other than they are passed and cherised from generation to generation, but these quilts survived our valley's devistation from Storm Irene exactly one year earlier - August 2011.

**this is one of my greatgran's quilts - anything with Vroomans, Becker, Hollenbeck or Schaffer are family quilts**

I did three posts PART ONE - PART TWO - PART THREE

Sewingly Yours,


Joanna said...

I'm getting emotional viewing these quilts; they are museum pieces and very beautifully made. I also notice how these traditional blocks and designs look like they could be made by a "modern" quilter.

Val's Quilting Studio said...

Sharon I just spent about twenty minutes going through all your three parts of post and got lost in your history. I'm a first generation quilter...and you inspired me to be more intentional at labeling my quilts. So much inspiration, love and friendship shared through all these quilts shown. That yoyo and hexagon quilts are my favorite!

Kate said...

Beautiful quilt. How cool that you have something from your great-gran.

Rebecca in AK said...

Thank you for sharing these posts again. I loved seeing these old quilts! So many beautiful quilts!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Gorgeous. I need to make one (or start one....giggle) in two colors.

Linda said...

What a treasure, Sharon! It's beautiful! I'm so glad it survived!