Thursday, August 14, 2014

Purge Up Date 8/15/14

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As you know I am taking part in The Purge.  As a scrap quilter I try to use almost anything and everything, but sometimes you have to take stock and do some clearing out.  I have passed on some fabrics to charity groups and friends, found and either used or passed on UFO's and blocks.

I have been using up some strips and scraps to make Bonnie Hunter's "Sister" blocks - This pile added to the other pile - I have 20 made now.

  And the scraps left from the Triangle QAL made for some cute Dresden Plates which will be used for table runners.

Of course I want to use what is on those shelves for background, that is an auditioning process right now.

I've even been tackling that large tote of batting scraps.  I found two pieces that will work perfect for my Dresden runners.  I used some (shred/cut/diced/mixed with left over fiberfill) to stuff a pillow.  Four large pieces were joined together for a wallhanging.   And I noticed my furry helpers needed a new cat nip toy.  Just a small rectangle folded in half, I zig zag two sides and fill with nip - zig zag that final seam.  

And I keep all my selvedges as I work a project so I can list what fabrics I used.  I use a lot of different types of fabrics from many different companies, so I get quite an interesting pile.  I don't use them - just tuck them in a large zip lock baggy to be able to pass them on.  I had a recent give away open for these - and once that bag is empty, of course I will start filling it back up for a future share.

The winner of this pile:
Jeanie said...
Ohhhh, I do love selvedges.... I'm thinking some pin cushions for Christmas. Thanks so much!
Are you taking part in The Purge?  

Sewingly Yours,


  1. I'm so happy to have won these selvedges! I just love them and I'll get a different variety from what I have. Thanks, Sharon.... I've sent my address to you. Oh boy!!!!

  2. You've done a smart job with all the purging.

  3. The more I purge, the more I create it seems! Yardage becomes scraps, so I try again. You have made some wonderful blocks with always. I like the fabric for the runner with the Dreden plate.

  4. I love scraps and I love organizing them but now it is time to do something with them.

  5. Hadn't heard about the purge. At this point, I don't have time to join in, but I probably need more overwhelming to be motivated. The rest of the rooms of the house definitely could use a purge, however.

  6. Wow. You're making a lot of progress! I'm working through my stash and scraps this year, WIP's and UFO's. Batting scraps, too. LOVE playing with scraps and making scrappy quilts so not a problem at all. Working through my batting scraps, too. Usually toss those very skinny batting trimmings.

  7. OH my - what beautiful scraps. No wonder you saved them all.

  8. Congratulations to Jeanie! Once you start playing with selvedges it is hard to stop :) You are moving right along with the Sister's Choice blocks - very nice purging! I have several big boxes of stuff that will get either sold or given away - and soon!

  9. You're doing so good with your purge! Love all your little projects. I need to deal with my pile of batting scraps - drag out the zig zag machine and sew those babies together! Now if I could only find my clone….. ;-)

  10. Hi Sharon!! Just checking in after all this time. Good luck with the purge!!

  11. I'm doing a mini purge of sorts... Using scraps in a scrappy quilt. You're doing so well...keep it up!

  12. way to use up those scraps, I love the Dresdens!

  13. Love the scraps in your Dresden. Hope things are well with you.