Saturday, May 12, 2012

Christmas Quilt Along - part 4


To start with, you will need 3.5" squares - one focus fabric and one white. 3" squares - three focus fabric and one white. 2.5" squares - two focus fabric. 2 white buttons (3/4" to 1" size).

Layer your 3.5" focus and white squares RST (right sides together) and one of your 3" focus and white square RST. Draw a line, corner to corner, and stitch 1/4" seam on each side. Cut on the drawn line for HST's

Press to the dark (focus) and trim larger set to 3" square and the smaller set to 2.5" square. Set aside the 2.5" HSTs.

Draw a line from corner to corner on your 3" HSTs and pair up with a 3" focus square. Place RST and sew 1/4" on each side of the line. Cut in half on the line.

Open and press to the focus triangle. Trim to 2.5" squares. You will have two sets of quarter square HSTs - two facing left and two facing right.

Now layout your pieces as shown - you have two blocks here (I didn't want you to waste any fabric). Sew your sections together like a 4-patch. Pressing toward the square with the largest focus fabric in it.

Almost done! You have two Angel ornaments. Trim to 4.5" square and cut either a matching backing or coordinating 4.5" square. Sew your button 'heads' in place on the front piece - love those 2-hole buttons. Lay RST, cut a 6-8 " bit of ribbon and pin into the top corner. Sew around leaving an opening for turning.

Stuff as plump as desired, sew opening closed with whip stitch or ladder stitch. You are done! You could add a little bow to her waist, add some tinsel for her hair - anything you like - or leave as is.

Sewingly Yours,


  1. Well aren't you the smart one! Love these little angels! You're an angel to share these with us! Still making HSTs!

  2. How cute are these?! Love,love, love these angels! Thank you for sharing - deffo a Christmas project for the making!

  3. Sharon they are so cute, and I am going to have to make some. Thanks so much.

  4. I love them, too. Thanks so much. What a perfect bonus for the Christmas qal. Definitely will make them.

  5. This is a lovely Christmas present. My first of the year. Thank you, it's lovely. I will be sure to pay it forward.

  6. Those little angels are so cute! I wondered where you were going with those little white buttons :D
    Thank you for the cute tutorial.

  7. How sweet! I could make them for the grands and embroider their name or initials and year on them!

  8. what a great idea and so easy to personalize as well. Love it.

  9. Sharon your little angels are too cute!s Thanks for sharing how you made them also!
    Quilting at the River Linky Party Tuesday

  10. So cute. Perfect to decorate your home or give as a gift. Great tutorial. Certainly makes for fun #NightsBeforeChristmas. Thanks for sharing.


  11. Oh my GOSH! Sharon, this is darling . . . I'll be using this to go towards one of my ornament goals for the month of July or August!!! :)

  12. Sew Sweet! Thank you for the tutorial! Grammasheri's idea to personalize them is a winner, too!