Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Get Your Phil On

Groundhog Day is a holiday celebrated on February 2 in the United States and Canada. According to folklore, if it is cloudy when a groundhog emerges from its Burrow on this day then spring will come early. If it is sunny, the groundhog will supposedly see its shadow and retreat Back into its Burrow, and the winter weather will continue for six more weeks. I wonder what Punxsutawney Phil at Gobblers Knob will predict for us today?


Some lovely spool Blocks arrived from Bobbie at Itsallaboutme. I was getting a little heavy on Blues, so these wonderful Blocks will be a welcome addition for variety. Just love the Brown textured spool.

These lovely extras came in a very special Box from Jinnie over at Lots of Fabric2. She was paired as my sender (I sent to someone different) in Cheryll's Initial Valentines Swap. Lookie see........

My pretty Valentine!! Oh, my initial done so special and Beads - yum - special threads, special stitches - so many things I love. AND it fits so lovely on my Ackfeld hanger. Oh, I know - the Easter Bunnies, my grandson loves to play with them, but they do add to the whole thing. Thank you Jinnie for such a wonderful Valentines.


I was completely floored with this lovely Bundle - Sentimental Studios' 'Summer Breeze II'!! This was sent to me as a thank you - from my SIL - for helping her with her first quilt. There was also a Bundle of various muslins (I love muslin). I told her I would only accept it if she promised to come share it and work on a project along side me. So our Summer Breeze projects are being plotted. Thank you Jeri!!


Box #1 - Annie is ready to move on the stash - comments open until Tues. Feb 5th midnight

Box #2 - currently Being shipped to Toni at Hoosiertoni

Box #3 - Barbara is also ready to move her Box - comments open until Fri. Feb 3 5pm

** just click on Annie's or Barbara's name and it will take you right to their post on the stash **


Question for Phil:

Will you, Won't you, See your shadow?
Will it, Won't it, Really matter?
Do you, Don't you, Grin to see
People Take you Seriously?

Sewingly Yours,


  1. Your blog looks like Christmas came for you in February! So many lovely gifts!
    Oh My! Your SIL has excellent taste in fabrics. Don't you just love the Summer Breeze 11 line of fabrics. I bought the layer cake when Missouri Star Quilt Company make it a daily deal a week or two ago :D

  2. Your SIL is very generous. And she has lovely taste in fabric! Enjoy working on your projects together. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  3. lovely valentine parcel to receive Sharon,oh i love the parcel of fabric your SIL gave you,very nice.xx

  4. Lovely gifties!

    I am also a huge fan of muslin... so much so that I have decided to try not to use it in anything for a while unless it is something I already started and used it.

    The lady at the quilt shop whenever I go in always asks if I'm not buying any if I need some, that is how often I buy muslin. :)

  5. I've heard of Groundhog Day, but never actually knew what it was all about, so thank you for the explanation.

    You have received some lovely things in the post, and your Valentine Initial is really lovely.

  6. Whoa! What a great post. Love the hearts and aren't you the lucky girl with all that beautiful blue fabric?!

    Does anyone know what Phil saw today? It's overcast at my house in Arkansas.

  7. Phil looked very disgusted to be interrupted from sleep by such a raucous crowd - and of course predicted 6 more weeks of winter! I wonder what he'd predict if we turned off all the lights and let him get up on his own??? Poor little guy.......

  8. We are still vacationing in Maui, and it is sunny everyday, so I will wait and see what the "real" groundhog has to say LOL

    Beautiful bundle of fabric...we will look forward to seeing that develop!

  9. Except for a few days here and there, we Texans are wondering where the winter it is February, and we have seen very little of the winter..either we will have a flurry of cold weather really fast, or not at all...weird weather.....

    Your goodies look good...

  10. I live in Pa. and I don't know how Phil saw his shadow cause it's very cloudy today. LOL Love the beautiful fabric bundle from your SIL, can't wait to see what you make.

  11. Wow Sharon your are blessed and loved. How wonderful!

  12. What a sweet and thoughtful gift from your SIL! Thank you (again) for posting the stash whereabouts for me! We have an opossum here in North Alabama (Sand Mountain Sam) that we send out to check for a shadow. I like him better -- he did NOT see his shadow this morning!!! :)

  13. Ol' Mr Groundhog definitely saw his shadow in this part of the country. You certainly received some wonderful items from your swaps. I look forward to seeing what you will be creating with that gorgeous bundle of Summer Breeze II!
    Thanks for the updates on the Traveling Stashes.

  14. What a great gift, and I LOVE the colors!!

    p.s. What did Phil predict?

  15. I don't know how you feel about this very strange winter you and I are having (though I don't mind the total lack of snow since I hate winter) but it is very weird. The kids have been dying to make a snowman and we have yet to get enough snow to make a decent snowball let alone a whole snowman.

    I'm drooling over that bundle. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  16. I would love to see Spring in 6 weeks even!
    Today we drove by Vroomans Nose, had breakfast at Mrs K's, visited the reopened M'burgh library and then down past your place through Schoharie and onto the Quiltbug (poor dh). I hollered oi out the window, did you hear me? We did a big round trip through Coby and back up 10 to home.
    Love the valentine wall hanging and the bunnies :)

  17. Wonderful swaps and I love the bundle of Summer Breeze from your SIL! You two are going to have fun with that and how great that she is now a quilter!

  18. What a beautiful "heart" display from Jinnie for Valentine's Day. So glad you played along with us! :)