Tuesday, February 28, 2012

B - I - N - GO

Did you guess it? Did you find the clues? For those that did, thank you for keeping it to yourself. But, YES, we are planning a BINGO game for our 2012 MAY FOR ME. And the reason we are starting early - you are going to make your own BINGO card. Yep - that's what you heard. I know it is a ways to May, but we want you to have time to make your card, and then there will be a period to link your card up with us as an entry. Time will fly. And I am going to share a tutorial on how to make your card - of course, you are free to add your own personality and creativity - but this will help you along.


You are going to need twenty five (25) 2.5" squares. B is going to be Blue, I is going to be Yellow, N is going to be Red with the black center, G is going to be Green, and O is going to be Purple. Now don't fret if you don't have a lot of fussy cut prints - use your imagination. I had a yellow duck - even though on green background, I am using him as my yellow. Stars are good, but use them in only one color choice. A Paisley, a dot, or a stripe will work, but again, use them in only one color choice. You have lots of time to find your squares - jot down what they are - you will see why later.

I am going to show you a way to sew small squares into a block with a technique called 'webbing'. Match your column one (blue) with your column two (yellow) squares and chain thru your machine - DO NOT CUT THREADS.

Now match up column three (red with black center) to your yellow and chain thru again - DO NOT CUT THREADS.

Yup - match that next column - # 4 is the greens and chain thru your machine - DO NOT CUT THREADS>

And then your last column - the purples - chain thru and DO NOT CUT THREADS. You now have your BINGO card block in a web.

You can use your iron to press the rows in opposite directions or finger press ( which is what I did) and then match up your seams, pin, and sew. Repeat with each row. The 'web' structure helps with the matching up. Then press your completed BINGO card block.

We are going to make a mini-quilt sandwich. And you can finish off your card how ever you like. I added a skinny black sash. Then stitched 5 scrap lite squares and used my perma pen to write B - I - N- G - O. This is your card - this is only a helpful suggestion, but complete this as you desire. A backing, batt (use up those scraps) and quilt stitch in the ditch or what ever your fancy. Leave raw edge, pink edge, rick rack, or binding to finish. This is your card.

Remember I said to keep a list of what each block represented? This is why - we need a printed sheet with your list just like I show here. This is not only to help you remember when it comes time to play, but when you link up, it will help Tonya make the master list for when we pull BINGO names. So yes, we need it large enough to read it when posted with your card. As you can see, I pinned mine right to my card for safe keeping. Hey - my card has been made and hanging since right after Christmas! So when your card is made, hang it up and admire.

And this is how you are going to mark your card - BUTTONS. Now if you don't have a dozen button tins like I do, there is time to gather. I am actually up-cycling some shirts and removing their buttons - they are small and have a textural color/look, so I am going to use these. And if you have never sewn on a button - time to learn. And this is for fun, no stress!!!! After we are done playing BINGO, I will be offering a tutorial on how to turn your card into a mini wallhanging to keep and cherish - or gift.


Be sure to check out my co-conspirators - they made their own cards (and I haven't seen them yet either so going to visit them) :

Tonya of HillBilly Handiworks - she may be sharing some rules, too.......

Marcia of Marcia's CraftySewing - she has lots of good ideas for inspiration in finishing and quilting....

Snoodles of LilyPad Quilting - she just learned about fussy cuts and can share on a first hand experience.....

We all are here to help if you have questions and will pop in to remind you of progress...... Looking forward to MAY FOR ME and BINGO!!!! And if you were with us last year, you know there were lots of give aways - hey, May is my Birth Month - and I share my celebration all month long!!!!

Sincerely Yours,


  1. Oooohhh...this will be fun! Gotta dig into my scraps and FQs and make my card!

  2. I just posted my BINGO Card and my Charm giveaway! 5 sets! Love your tutorial! Explains it very clearly!
    This is going to be so much FUN --- now and in May!

  3. Oh man, this looks like such fun! I gotta go make one of these!

  4. Fun! We played this at our quild a couple of times. It was a blast!

  5. BINGO!

    how fun! are you ready for ice my friend?

    hangs head in shame for not being in blogville for a few weeks...

  6. Cool! I'm anxious to get started on this one Sharon! I don't usually join something like this, but how can I resist?! I'm going to start going through my scraps today. Weeeeee!!

  7. I had to unplug at midnight. Rain, lightning, thunder, power flickering off and on. (Love storms though)

    I decided to not post TOO many rules in one post. So today I posted and mainly wanted to refer them to you.

    I am making another card too. The one I made with Marcia's scraps Stephen just loved so much. I am going to make a more 'Tonya' one for me with things I really like.
    I thought showing another in a week or two would inspire others to join that may not have wanted to at first.

    I've never done webbing before. Thanks for putting this together!!!

  8. Oh how fun! You know I am in! I think I have the perfect charms for this too. yay! Thanks for the tutorial.

  9. This sounds like fun. I like BINGO and I like quilting. So together they should be a blast.

  10. Sharon, I adore this concept!! What a cute little project!!! :)

  11. You always have great tutorials! Thanks for being such a help to all of us - I appreciate you, and have pointed my peeps to your post!

  12. This looks like fun! I may have some of the frog fabric and the ladybug fabric too! Am I supposed to say that?

  13. Mmm! What a creative idea Sharon!! You always amaze me with the ideas that come out of your head ... or, truth be told, its not that you come up with them, rather what you come up with!! Lovely idea, by the way!!

  14. Definitely going to have to join in the fun of this! Hurray!

  15. Such a fun project! Once I started I couldn't stop! I read about the adventure yesterday and my BINGO card is done AND blogged about!

  16. I wanted to join!! I gather my fabric now. Does it all have to be novelty print?? I think I don't have many of it.

  17. This is going to be lots of fun!

  18. Looking through fabrics this week to see if I will need anything to make my blocks. Looking forward to this.

  19. I think I might have to give this game a go...sounds like FuN Sharon! :)

  20. Thanks for this great tute! To be clear . . . are we going for colors in the squares or objects? I note that some people's bingo cards seem only to be about objects and otherwise, the colors are random. Does it matter? How will the squares be called? By color? Or by object?

  21. Thanks for a great tutorial....hope you don't mind, but I've done a direct link to it from the post on my blog about B-I-N-G-O???


  22. Oh! I have to try this. I have so many fabrics from I-spy quilts that surely I can manage it. They yellow may give me trouble but I will work it out!

    Thanks for the opportunity to play.

  23. Ok, I'll play along, sounds fun to celebrate all month! Kathy sent me over. I know I've got some novelty prints to cut up. Maybe my 30's even would work...

  24. Is the size of the squares important? I have lots of squares but they are all around 3cm.