Sunday, August 21, 2011

Still Cleaning (Traveling Stash ready to move on)

I'm still trying to get things cleared. I feel like this little guy - they call it 'pouching'. I like that word better than hoarding or stashing. BUT I really would like things gone!


I know this looks horrible, but things are piling up with trying to clean out the house. Actually there is a bag with 2 finished quilts for the Veterans that need pick up. A bag with 2 finished quilts that need wash-dry before going into the shop. A bag with 2 quilts with backs and batting that have to go to the longarmer (when she returns from vacation). The others are for me to finish.

And it is taking way to long to finish this quilt. I have put the binding on twice. The first was a bias - it puckered and twisted - looked horrible. It took 2 days to remove it carefully - the fabric frayed horribly. A new binding was made and attached - no puckers or fraying, but 3 days lost.


The box of Traveling Stash has arrived - Flo was enjoying her vacation and I don't blame her. But - If I had known the condition of what was in the box - I would have had her save shipping and just started a new box. Please visit the starting point of this box here. I estimate over 30 yards of fabric and extras.


I have lost sleep over this, but it needs to be addressed. And, if it makes some people mad, well..... But I looked thru the travels of the original and then when split - both travels. The second box has become a 'library' - 75% books and patterns and maybe 10 yrds of fabric if that. The box I have may have had 15 yrds of fabric - mostly scraps. And some of it was not quilt quality. I even match tested 2 pieces - one melted, the other went up in flames.

So what is stash? From Webster:
Noun - - a secret store of valuables
Verb - save up as for future use

Now for a quilter - it is a collection of usuable, quality product. So when passing on to the Stash Box - it should be items replaced value-to-value and amount-to-amount. AND it was to pass on fabric, not empty your library.

Here is a quide to Pre-Cut amounts:

Jelly Roll strips are 2-1/2 inches so every 10 strips is 2/3 yard (plus an inch). 30 strips is 2 yards plus 3 inches. 40 strips is 2-3/4 yards. 50 strips is 3-1/2 yards.

Honey buns are 1-1/2 inches so 10 strips is just slightly under 1/3 yard. 40 strips are 1-2/3 yards.

Turnovers are 80 (6 inch) triangles and is equal to slightly over 1 yard.

Desert rolls are 10 (5 x 45) strips or just slightly over 1-1/3 yard.

Charms are 5 inches square. 40 charms is equal to 2/3 of a yard.

Layer Cakes are 10 inches square. 40 layer cake square is equal to 2-3/4 yards.

As to quality - educate yourselves. Visit several fabric shops - feel, check the selvedge for maker and designer, visit fabric web sites - familiarize yourself to what Quilt Quality is. I'm not saying you have to have the 'top' line or most 'hyped' line, but know your product.

Some wonderful yardage and pre-cuts were taken and replaced with patterns or minimal 'scraps' - yes I followed the boxes. But, there were wonderful people who were true to the stash and THANK YOU, but others SHAME!

Now with that being said - these are the ONLY original items I am returning to the box. The 2 blue floral pieces I would call 'dress' fabrics and someone may like for a little girl. I can use the scraps, being a scrap quilter - and I did like the Ikea for a charity quilt for our Quilt Guild. And a wonderful small piece of early Mary Engelbreit - I don't think people knew what this was.

This is what I have assembled (so far) to add. Replaced the small scraps of flannel with 1 3/8 yrd of owl print flannel. Replaced the bits of scraps with 200 2.5" squares that equal a little over 1 yd. To replace the Mary Engelbreit I took - 2 brown FQs to go with the few FQ's that where in the box. To replace the Ikea (about 4 yds) - 1 yd Krafty Kitty by Henry Glass; 1.5 yds Orange Blossoms by Red Rooster; 2 yds of Georgie Porgie by Marcus Bros. Some odd bits of Jelly Roll strips (add to my scrap bin) I replaced with 48 charms - 2/3yd. The lone block I took to add to my box for the Sr. Center and replaced with 12 6.6" novelty print squares (trimmed the 2 embroidered dogs to place with this group) - Natasha started a charm kit for an Eye Spy in the other box, so I hope this will be added to until at least 100 blocks for a nice quilt. The lace I took as I have a student who uses this a lot - replaced with a bag of selvedge and Moda ties. The bit of pre-made bias tape I simply removed - replaced with packages of Jumbo Rick-Rack. The Blankie Path cheater cloth I took for my daughter - she'll use for a quick baby quilt backing and replaced it with a Just Dotty (RJR) Dessert Roll - 1.5 yd. Added a Jelly Roll of Moda 'Hoopla' for some bright fun (2 3/4 yrd.).

I need to pick up a new box, and once these items are packed - I will fill in empty spaces. I have some Hoffman, Kaufman, and RJR that just might jump in. SO:

To enter the Traveling Stash Give Away:
1. be an active blogger (only mailing within the USA)
2. commit to replacing with quilt guality products
3. and promise to pass the box on

**I will pull the winner and announce on Saturday - August 27th**


We are not cisterns made for hoarding, we are channels made for sharing.
- Billy Graham

Sewingly Yours,


  1. I'm not entering, as I live in the UK, but just wanted to say that your box looks like it'd be a great one to receive. The problems you found are exactly what would always stop me joining something like this.

  2. Gee you have been busy Sharon i need to have a good spring clean as well

  3. You are so good to bring the traveling stash back "up to snuff" so to speak! I'd love to be counted in to pass it on - I promise to put in good stuff!

  4. Hola
    Me encanta tu mascota y tu quilts!!!
    Saludos desde Argentina!!!

  5. One of the reasons I stopped swapping fabric strips, blocks and squares - I would have to discard over half of what was swapped and it made me really sad. Thanks for addressing this - and I hope you find some who are willing to take the chance with continuing the traveling stash. It was really good of you to re-stock with better quality. Judy C in NC

  6. I think you addressed the problem(s)wonderfully. I appreciate what you have done to bring the Stash back up to par. I promise to fulfill the Stash requirements if I am lucky enough to have the Stash arrive at my house.

  7. I would love to have the traveling stash box now that you've restocked it. I get so discouraged at the stuff some people use in their quilting. When you spend tens of hours making a quilt, I think you should use the best quality fabric you have. And, IMHO, Joanne's and Walmart DO NOT carry good quality fabric! A while ago, I purged my stash of "junk" fabric and now have only "usable" fabrics in there. So, I only have good stuff to put back in the box--if I should get it. :0)

  8. Oh, dear, good for you for taking this upon yourself to re stock with quality quilting goods. I don't understand why people do that...but I am sure it will keep happening.

    I enjoy a hobby called geocaching. We go find 'treasure' boxes in the woods. When we find the treasure we are supposed to trade items. Same as with the traveling stash. While I still enjoy the hunt, I never take trade items anymore. The caches start out with all kinds of goodies and end up being full of trash. Every time. It is maddening!

    I hope that quilters will listen. Perhaps you could even attach a note to the new box explaining how it should really go? Telling them that they MUST trade equal... I think that the list of how much fabric a layer cake, jelly roll, etc equals is a great idea too.

  9. thank you Sharon! Because I am fairly new in "blogland" I wasn't aware of how this stash started or what was originally in it, so didn't know what to do with I sent it on to you!! haha

  10. wow, i'm liking what you added to the box.....nice

  11. It's been so long since I've had a hamster, I've forgotten how much they could stuff in their face. He's soooo cute.

  12. The traveling stash sounds like a fun idea......but please don't pick me......I have my hands full of projects right now, but I enjoyed your post :-)

  13. Hi Sharon! Just wanted to let you know I really appreciate what you've done for the traveling stash. I would DEFINITELY pledge to put in quilt quality fabric if I was lucky enough to win!

  14. On my honor! I really respect the fact that you brought this issue out in the open. Thanks for that! :o)

  15. Please do not enter me in the giveaway.

    I felt some of the same feelings when I recieved the box. I threw a lot out and did try to add some better quality items....but there was so much questionable stuff in there! I do hope I did it some justice.

    Thank you for eloquently saying what I feared to say. and thank you for sprucing up the travelling stash.

  16. I have never heard about a traveling stash for quilting, but I have for other items, such as beads and scrap booking.

    I am just a beginner... so what you added to the stash would be what I am now aquiring. I wouldn't feel right about being in the drawing. But at least I know there are decent people like yourself, who want to do the right thing. :)

    And I hope no one takes this wrong, but I got to joann's and walmart to buy my fabric to learn off of, so I don't use the nicer materials and screw up on them and feel bad about it. I just bought 300 dollars of moda and such and I am afraid to use it.

  17. Hi Sharon, I have projects in line until the latter half of 2016 (LOL) so I'm not in this drawing --- but I wanted to say I thought it was excellent what you said about the quality and the quantity. Hopefully quilters will do better with the Traveling Stash from here on.

  18. Just to respond to 'asthefireweedturns' - you are a no-responder so can't e-mail you. It sounds like you are educating yourself in the craft and that is good. I did visit your site and you have some beautiful treadles.

  19. Sharon, I saw the traveling stash on someone's blog about a month or so ago, but I can't remember who had it. Even at that time when she showed the box it looked like a lot of "non-desirable" items, if you're a quilter (just my opinion!). I'm not interested in getting the box but on behalf of the next person who gets it -- thanks for cleaning out the weeds!


  20. Now this is a traveling stash box to be proud of. I'd go for patterns, only if they are attached to kit. I'd heard that the traveling stash had split, but, not that it wasn't much anymore. Now it is back, Thanks.

  21. I would to received the traveling box
    Actually I lost track of it :P
    Thanks for the chance

  22. I would Love to get the traveling box
    Thanks for the chance :)

    (disregard previous comment LOL )