Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Different Pace

I have been working at a different pace. Slowing down, enjoying things more, and not worried if I don't participate in everything going on in blogland. I will keep on track with my swaps (which I limited myself) as I really like sharing the thrill of mystery/fabric/creativity/design of other quilters around the globe. And UFOs will eventually get done, and there will always be new designs if I don't get to the current ones. I just want to 'breath'.

And another new pace - I bought this!! It has been 6 years since my last car accident (drunk driver) and I am ready to get behind the wheel. Have my independence back. Honestly I will be nervous, but it's time to get 'back on the horse'.


Since my partner has confirmed she received my package, I can now show the bag I made for the Santa Sack Swap 2. This is the pattern from Geta's Quilting Studio that was used in the Quilting Gallery Swap. I love how easy this pattern is, and so easy to make into your own by changing the panel up.

And these blocks were for the 6 inch block Australian Swap. My partner wanted 'hot' reds, orange or Yellow fabrics. I hope this fits the bill.


Decided to take a break from the Raggedy Quilt - just a few more buttons to go. Pulled the overflowing barrel of 2" squares and simple 9-patch blocks are pouring out. I need 120 of them, but got 60 done in a day of play.


Please be sure to check out Kate's 100 Quilts for Kids project.

Sue's blog-a-long for her book Pick Four - she also hosts the Christmas Quilt Along every second Saturday of the month.

Stash Manicure's Wantobe Campaign.


"It is always the simple things that change our lives. And these things never happen when you are looking for them to happen. Life will reveal answers at the pace life wishes to do so."
- Donald Miller -

Sewingly Yours,


  1. I think sometimes we quilters put too much pressure on ourselves Must finish this, must start that, must work on something else. You're right, we all need to slow down and look around sometimes!

    Have fun with your new car by the way. It looks great.

  2. Sharon i love your new car and your xmas bag is gorgeous,lucky swap partner

  3. Congratulations on the new car! Way to be brave and get "back on the horse" as they say.

  4. I love your new drive! Take the quiet back road through West Fulton and come have an Aussie cuppa with me! Seriously!
    Santa Sack is very fun! What is in those pressies? hmmmm...

  5. To Thine Own Self Be True!

    Making life changing decisions sometimes takes quite a bit of introspection. Things that take away our own sense of peace come slowly and ofttimes we don't realize the shift has taken place until it's time to get our peace back. I found recently I needed to cut back from some yahoo groups I was active in reading. Now I visit a bit, but I have started making my own decisions about what to quilt and when and I find I'm happier.

    Enjoy your new SUV!

  6. I am not necessarily slowing down, I am slow enough already,,,but I am getting more choosy as to what I do with my time..and some of it is just sitting with a cuppa tea!

  7. Sharon - I am glad you are thinking about slowing down a bit! I am trying to be comfortable doing the same thing. I still feel like I am slacking if 1000 things don't get done every day but I am working on it!! And love your new car!! Hope it takes you on some marvelous adventures!! Kris

  8. Lovely blocks - looks like you're having fun! But I have one question - what's your new car's name?

  9. Congrats on driving again! Driving is freedom. I over committed myself on swaps, and I'm trying to stop signing up. THere are 1000 quilts that I want to make for myself, but I never have timw. Good for you for getting your life under control.

  10. Slowing down is a wonderful thing when it lets you enjoy life more. How wonderful that you will be reclaiming your freedom - driving is like riding a bike - you never forget how.
    Your blocks are beautiful and I can bet who your swap partner was because I made the same blocks last month - lol!

  11. Wishing safe travels for you as you regain your freedom! Don't be putting the pedal to the metal, now! LOL I am re-thinking my priorities, too, and cutting back on some of my internet activities. A slower pace is nice.

  12. Congrats on the new car. Slowing down is good. I have a feeling I'll be speeding up.

  13. wow...your slowed down pace still puts me to shame!! Enjoy every moment...and your new car!

  14. I've taken on the slow and steady pace recently also. I was trying to do too much and not enjoying any of it. It's much more fun to slow down and enjoy the process instead of rushing to the end.

    p.s. Nice new wheels :)

  15. Love the new vehicle!! All your works are beautiful, and....
    Congratulations on being a winner over at SewCalGal!!!

  16. Sharon:
    Congratulations on your WIN over on Sew Cal Gal's Pets on Quilts!
    Bella is a beauty!

  17. Slowing down a bit would be good for us all! I can't believe you haven't driven for six years - did I understand this right? We live out from town a few miles so I have to drive to get anywhere from church to WalMart. And then there are the stitching groups.... :) blessings, marlene

  18. Good for you because you were just amazing all of us at how many of these BOM's you kept up with. Good grief!!!

    We will both slow down and enjoy together; how about that?

    I know you might be nervous but I bet once you start getting out and going it will be like the old days in no time. WHy I bet you just might get a hankering to go on a road trip. Maybe even to, say, Missouri?!

  19. I'm glad to hear that you feel confident enough to get back behind the wheel. It's nice to have the feeling of independence and be able to get out when you need to. Does this mean I should avoid driving upstate?
    I love your sweet 9 patches. Your swap partners are very lucky. The blocks and tote look lovely.

  20. I like your new ride. Take your time and enjoy your craft. Your quilts and other "stuff" are always so beautiful.

  21. Love your new car - the Christmas bag would be a wonderful gift to receive by itself. Stay safe - we are in the midst of the storm, but not bad since we are inland from the coast - Raleigh area - rain and some wind. I will just be glad when the "trees stop dancing."
    Judy C in NC

  22. I'm not quite sure I believe you have slowed down, but you should. Love all your work and your new car!!!!

    It's nice to feel you can go again.