Monday, April 18, 2011


'Tomorrow is only a day away' - I was happy to hear from my followers that they were safe - just one yet to check in and I will breathe a sigh of relief. But I still send prayers to those who need them in this aftermath.

I would like to keep on track with the May For Me project. Some of us need a little de-stressing now. But this week I wanted to give some tips for the young mother or maybe grandma who does the babysitting. How to get some Me time when you have little ones around.

How about setting up a little crafting corner and basket for those little ones. Select age appropiate crafting supplies (so glad they make washable crayons and markers). Here is a list of some crafting sites that may help:

They can do their crafting while you do yours.

And I almost forgot about this! I had a number of bloggers approach me and I really had to think on it as I really wasn't sure I wanted to be a 'tagged' site. I accepted from my first approach - Flo from Butterfly Quilting. I wasn't sure what I was suppose to do until I saw what some others have been putting on their blogs.

I hate to leave anyone out and just pick a blogger - you all mean too much - I don't know what to say about myself - so... I decided rather than listing 7 things about myself that I would have a give away as a thank you. You get to list 7 things you think you know about me. When my daughter is here on Easter I will have her read all your comments and select the person who has the list that best represents me. She won't know you, but she really knows me. These FQ's will be given on Monday April 25.


Tomorrow is another day
Tomorrow you will feel okay
Whatever the day brings
Remember tomorrow is another day.
Everyday is a new day
Though some things don’t change
And whatever yesterday brings
Tomorrow is another day.

Sewingly Yours,


Quiet Quilter said...

Okay, here goes....

From over 1100 miles away....give or take..

You seem:

1) To be proud of your heritage

2) Can make something out of practically nothing

3) Ready to join just about any crafty group

4) Family is the core of your life

5) Have a lot of stories to pass on to friends and family

6) Loyal

7) Have to be somewhat organized because of all you get done

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Hmmmmm.....7 things about you......
1. You have a monthly list of goals that you always seem to accomplish in plenty of time allowing yourself some free time.
2. You love your grandchildren and enjoy spending time with them
3. You donate many quilts to charitable organizations.
4. You are always ready to try something new
5. Always answer your comments promptly
6. Are able to do mutliple crafts including cross stitch and beading
7. You are a wonderful person and I am happy to call you my friend!

Sue Daurio said...

oh what fun this is!!! Congrats on your stylish Blogger award.

1. Lives with royalty (the queen loves to take naps on quilts)

2. Is a wonderful cook who shares lots of yummy recipes

3. Likes poetry

4. Always has a positive spin on things and loves to help other quilters. So inspiring

5. Collects pigs

6. Makes the best scrappy quilts, Adding white makes them pop. I'm starting to "lighten up" my quilts thanks to Sharon

7. Gets an amazing amount of quilting completed on any given week. She does a lot of charity quilts and swaps with others. She shares a little of this every week and provides great tips on how to improve.

Miss Hillbilly said...

Hmmm, this will be interesting for you I bet. What a fun approach!

1) You like doing it 'your way'.

2) You have a close family and are proud of your family and their accomplishments

3) You like to think out your really put thought into it

4)You are a good 'mingler'. That is why you enjoy swaps and follow and comment on so many blog sites.

5) You are an encourager. You like to encourage others.

6) You are an idea person. When someone needs an idea they come to you for help.

7)I don't know but I am are a 'blue' person. (as I am). You like the color blue.

KatieQ said...

After I thought about the things I know about you, I realized I might not be a follower, I might be a stalker.
1. You live with your mom and kitty cat on a farm in upstate NY that has been in your family for generations.
2. You live on Quilt Lane.
3. You store your fabric scraps in plastic pretzel barrels (an idea I stole from you).
4. Your favorite seasonal hymn is Ave Maria (I remembered that because I have loved that hymn since I was a young girl).
5. In addition to quilting, you do cross stitch and hand embroidery. You work with incredibly tiny scraps and do paper pieced blocks and fabric post cards.
6. You participate in lots of online swaps and charity quilt donations online as well as locally.
7. You have a sister that closely resembles you and 2 sons and a daughter. Your daughter has 2 sons. You have a sister in law that recently retired. In your town,it costs $16.00 to get your hair washed, cut and lightly styled.
I think I'll stop now, it's getting scary.

Shannon said...

7 things about you...
1. you love being on the computer reading blogs
2. all of the people you swap with or follow you on your blog becomes your friend
3. you have A LOT of scraps
4. you are great at using those sraps
5. you treat your blog friends like family
6. you LOVE your family
7. you are amazing at getting a lot done when it comes to sewing!!
This has been fun!!

Sheila said...

1)You like to load up your crock pot, let her go and do what you want to do all day. You share your recipes.
2)You love postage stamp quilts. That and stacked coins are the only patterns you repeat, all other quilts you make are one of a kind. You sew many donation quilts.
3)As a girl you worked on a horse farm close to your home, became a 'horse whisper' and a successful trainer.
4)You and your horse were champions at stadium show jumping. You made the USA Olympic Equestrian team.
5)You had to reinvented yourself several times and cheated death at least 4 times.
6)You raised three children and now share a home with your mother.
7)When I read the phrase, "Giving in it's truest form expects nothing in return" I thought of you.

rubyslipperz1052 said...

Ok...I know I won't win this...because i only "know" you thru a couple months of bloggy stuff. But, I would LUV to take this chance to say what i think!!!
No, I don't mean that in a scarey way...honest you will see. =)

1) love family and encourage others to love theirs with your example
2) are kind and patient

3) color-full but kindly generous with your comments to people and about things in general
4) are frugal...noting many comments about scrap quilts
5) love to do things for seeing them happy
6) have been quilting for at least as long as me...a loooong time
7) would be a GREAT friend to have and anyone would be lucky...if you were to call them YOUR friend. =)

BIG Cyber hugZ to you!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

hmmmmmmmm seven
1. You don't sleep
2. You are an encourager
3. Your a multitasker
4. Your generous
5. You care about others
6. You love to quilt, cross stitch, and probably any craft that involves a needle.
7. You can make me laugh

Billlie in TX

flowerofshona said...

As i have only just met you on line i had a very good read of yor blog, here goes (deep breath)....

1. You love animals and have worked with horses (snap i worked with show jumpers in Ireland.

2. you have a cat who loves your quilts.

3. You love to join in with swaps.

4. you like to make gifts to give away to others.

5.You are from NY in the USA and live on a farm (envy you so much! )

6. You are retired but seem to have a very full social life.

7. You are a kind, loving person with a wonderful family an active brain and are loved by many and rightly so !

Hope i didn't get anything wrong !!