Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Showers

Yes, the old saying - April showers bring May flowers. We are looking forward to heavy rains (maybe more snow) and severe lightening for the next week or so. But then we change the type of bird food put out for the new birds, change out the ice crytal salt for grass seed, change out the Christmas catalogs for Seed catalogs, and change out the snow shovels and snowblower for the rakes, clippers, and lawnmower.

Hop over to Sarah's blog - Confessions of a Fabric Addict(click the button) and check out the charity quilt challenge she's got planned. Hands2Help - quilts for Romanian children and families.


It's time to think and plan on our May time and projects. Preparation is the key. Do you have a pattern you would love to do just for you? Do you have that special fabric chosen for a project just for you? It's time to hunt them up and start planning.

Example: I really need a new bag and have fabrics and a pattern I wish to use. I want all the little extras for my bag to. So I need to start bookmarking some on-line patterns for a zip purse, coupon and card wallet, and a key fob. And I need to find a pretty basket to start stacking my goodies in to sit right in sight. Then I know that is my plan and a great HINT to the family that this is the plan.


I finished up my UFO for my yahoo group - 'Pigs in the Barn' wallhanging. Paper pieced piggies with 3-D tails and ears, Hole in the Barn Door mini blocks - handquilted and I added some buttons for added whimsy.

And I finish up the snowball block quilt - 'Let's Play Marbles'. I was hoping this was the end of working with GREEN, but Judy's next UFO Challenge # is .... another green quilt. I'll save it for later in the month so I can play with some other colors.


Yes, the 2" square barrel was stuffed to over flowing, so a quilt called. 9-Patch blocks are easy work, but I put them together a little differently to aid in matching up those little rascals.

I lay out my squares - two sets of 9-patch at a time so I can chain those puppies without cutting threads. I sew the first 2 squares and leave the threads, keeping them attached.

Then I sew the next row of squares, again leaving the threads attached so you have a 'web'. I just finger press the first and third row seams out and the middle row in to help match seams when I sew rows together.

Here are some of my scrappy 9-patch blocks done. Using this method, I can do up a dozen or so blocks in 15 minutes. I will show the alternate block I am using with these on the next post.

April is Poetry Month

"Come, I come! ye have called me long,
I come o'er the mountain with light and song:
Ye may trace my step o'er the wakening earth,
By the winds which tell of the violet's birth,
By the primrose-stars in the shadowy grass,
By the green leaves, opening as I pass."
- Felicia D. Hemans, Voice of Spring

Sewingly Yours,


Brita said...

You've been busy! Congrats on finishing those cute quilts. And yes, I do have quilts I want to make for me. So, I'm going to. After I decide which one!

Wilma Lee said...

I love pigs!!!

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Your little Pigs in the Barn is so cute! Love the addition of the buttons. Your snowball quilt turned out beautifully. You are going to have another quilt before you know it with those 9 patch squares. What a great idea for using up scraps.
Stay warm and dry. I would love some lightening and thunder - something we rarely have here.

Sue Daurio said...

I am so ready for April showers!!

I love the pigs, can't get over how cute those are and you made the pattern, wonderful!!

I love your green quilts, can't wait to see the next one. I bet the quilt you make for you won't be green!!

So what is your May for Me project?

Miss Hillbilly said...

Love that you have so much planned for May. So do I!

I think the 2" square basket is a great idea. I look forward to seeing what your alternate plan is. I send all my scraps away to a friend but I may need to save some larger ones cut into squares because this is a great idea!

KatieQ said...

Sharon thank you for blogging about the Charity Quilt Challenge. It sounds like a fun way to accomplish a worthy goal.
I think making the bag for the May project is a great way to give yourself a birthday present. I was happy to see your post. I was going having withdrawal symptoms when you didn't post for a few days. I needed my fix seeing what you were up to.

rubyslipperz1052 said..., those Piggies are just adorable! Your Yahoo group sounds really fun!


Sheila said...

You get so much done. I over think my fabric selections.
The little pigs are so cute. Pretty green quilt.
Love, love, love your small square 9 patch project. Scrappy small square quilts make ya want to pull 'em around you, curl up and take a nap.

Anonymous said...

Sharon, I love your idea on the basket for May for Me... get the family used to the fact that when the taxes are finished, I get some "me" time! Love your pigs, and I especially like the scrappy nine patch. Those appeal to me...I think I shall have to try your system!
Jacque in SC

Pauline G said...

You have lots of projects planned and some great ideas to copy. As usual your blog is always a joy to read!

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

Great plans for May for Me! You are going to be all set to sew! I posted a link to your post on my May for Me Page. YES!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Your little piggy quilt is sooooooooo cute! I'm such a sucker for critters! :)
Happy Spring!
xx, shell

Cheryll said...

I LoVe the idea of getting a project ready and waiting to go. I just LoVe toooo many of them... wish someone could invent more hours in a day!
Enjoyed your post! :)

Sparky said...

I like pigs in the barn...don't know why but I do lol...Gosh you are busy...I must go home and evaluate what I am doing with my time lol

Sarah Craig said...

Thanks so much for posting about the Hands2Help Charity Quilt Challenge!! And I love seeing all the wonderful things you are working on....

Unknown said...

Love the pig quilt. So very cute!

Millie said...

You have been busy. Pretty green snowball quilt. Cute pigs!

rooee said...

the pig quilt is lovely :)
I also live in Schoharie county, on the western edge, up in Summit. nice to stumble upon your blog!

Q said...

Cheryll just let me know you received your hot pad, so I can comment on your blog now :) I didn't want to before just in case you would link my coming here with being your mystery partner tee hee!
I am going to attempt your method of chain piecing 9 patch blocks thanks for sharing it! - I don't think I will be half as speedy though!

oh and in relation to bookmarking patterns i wanted to mention tip nut dot com - go to craft and then to sewing the groups of items to make are visual so you can decide if the item is the style you like before visiting and checking out the pattern details. (In case you havent seen the site already)

tink's mom said...

I am more of spontaneous quilter. I get an idea or a challenge from a friend and I drop everything and go for it. It might be interesting to try and Plan my May quilting in advance.

But the real reason I am writing is that I ahve made the bag in your picture for a May project. I have actually made the bag 3 times. I gave my sister the go ahead to pick out the pattern and fabric for her birthday gift. She couldn't decide and picket fabric for 2 bags. She ended up with one for a Surprise Christmas gift. Then I was showing it off to my girl frien and she asked for one for her birthday. it is a great pattern to follow. It is set out clearly and all you need to do is follow the numbers. You 'll so enjoy it.

Val's Quilting Studio said...

You rejuvinated post reminds me how far we've all come since 2011's fun to see isn't it! THanks for always being such a great supporter of Tuesday Archives. V:)