Monday, December 27, 2010

Ave Maria

I end the year with my most favorite seasonal hymn, Ave Marie - Hail Marie. I only have to hear the prelude and I start to cry.

I kept to my minimal, relaxing non-sewing and sewing for the month. I put all my machines up and that led to pulling out my Hexies. Not sure what I will do with the little rascels yet, but they are fun. And I have stayed on track with Bonnie Hunter's new mystery - Roll Roll Cotton Boll. I layed all the parts out on serving trays - don't they look like little cakes and candies? And I am participating in the Layer Cake quilt-a-long, but I am using leftover fabrics from 2 different FQ packs.

I need to inventory all my UFO's and get them ready for my different challenge lists. I am so ready to do finishes and 2011 looks to be an exciting year.

Sewingly Yours


  1. I started on hexies last month...and didn't care for where I was headed with them. So away they went and I started on some stitchery instead.

    I look forward to seeing what you do with your hexies!

  2. Sharon - I hope 2011 is your best and most productive year yet!! Looks like you will have a lot to keep you busy!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Kris

  3. What a colourful container of hexies. They look so pretty. Will look forward to seeing the completed mystery quilt.
    Happy New Year Sharon!

  4. I can't wait to see your Bonnie Hunter quilt. I just didn't have the energy to start (shock). I'm usually good at the starting.

    Think I need to remember to put my hexies by my bed this year where I watch TV.

  5. Sharon, your hexies look so colorful in the tub..
    and all the little ducks in a row for Bonnie Hunters Mystery.So pretty.
    I just want to know, where is a pic of the new grandson? I know they grow way to fast!!

    You will get all your ufo's done in 2011.. You are one of the most efficent person I know..

    Happy New Year, Shaon..

  6. What fun projects - 2011 is going to be such fun! Wishing you a Happy New Year!

  7. One of the things on my agenda today is doing an inventory too. I did one a couple of months ago for my guild but I'd love to join Judy Laquidera's UFO challenge if I can get a list up by tomorrow! blessings, marlene