Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Quilt Guild Fun


On Saturday I taught the minature selvedge piece to members of The Cairo Piecemakers quilt guild.  We talked about the selvedge and I had pieces from early fabrics right up to the newest lines - simple to works of art.   

A Tula Pink lover and I love how she chose the Tabby Road and her silohouette was a kitty.

Some great color going on here and she is planning a herd of deer across the piece.

Another - many  that were so different due to the fabric stashes  used by each member and silohouettes again represented the quilter.  There were butterflies, cats, several birds, animals, and Fall fruits.

AND on Tuesday my quilt guild - Schoharie Valley Piecemakers - had a class on reverse dyeing.  I will share more on that as I get more photos sent to me.

Sewingly Yours,



  1. Beautiful and what fun. I'm so happy to hear your quilt guild is having face to face activities. I've really missed such. And how fun that you taught a selvedge class at another guild. Oh how, I wish I could have attended.

  2. So many beautiful pieces there, looking forward to seeing the dyeing.

  3. I can see where selvedge projects would reflect the personality and fabric preferences of each quilter. Must have been fun to see all the different pieces.

  4. I may need to try some selvage play. Cute cute

  5. I have kept some of the selvage edges and I also have some ribbons so thank you for sharing this, it will be great to have a go at once I have finished the current need to do's!!! Have a wonderful weekend. Susie x

  6. I love the idea of selvages with silhouettes on top.
    They look fantastic...xox