Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Scrappy Wednesday


The gifted Pin Wheels are now into the sashed flimsy and I am digging for a final border fabric.  I can get the first border on of the Kona Ivory in the mean time.

Our Monday sewing group decided it was time for a group challenge and we decided on an 'at home' relaxing Round Robin.  Each of us came up with a round and it went on a strip of paper and put into a tea cup to pull out the 'mystery' round when we are ready to move on.   I hope to eat up my Civil War fabric with this - so ready for some new, but the old has to be gone first.  I have half of my center done and hope to get this done today.

And if there is still time to play, I will pull the 1.5" barrel of scrappy squares and make a few more of these.

Hoping at some point the rain stops (or we get the boat out), so I can take some good photos outside.

Sewingly Yours,




  1. Your pinheads look wonderful, your Round Robin centre is beautiful, you are making good inroads with your scraps.

  2. Lovely sashing on the pinwheels, shows them off just right,. and a Round Robin will be so interesting.

  3. Looks like you are keeping busy. The pinwheels are looking good and I like the start of your round robin. I'm working on two baby quilts for H2H.

  4. You have ome lovely projects coming together.

  5. The pinwheels look really sweet with the sashing and cornerstones.