Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Scrappy Wednesday


I was going thru some of the yardage on bolts and found this.  I must have picked this up on a end of bolt sale long ago.  I would have prefered a yellow for the cuff, but you use what you have.  These are pillowcases using the 'hot dog' (or burrito) method and are for our guild charity drive for the Community Christmas Baskets.  I was able to cut 8 cases and use all of both fabrics up - just little end strips that went in the string tote.

I was doing pretty good at the prep stage until I got some 'help'.  I'll let him keep the one while I work on the the other 7.  I'm sure he will get bored and move on to the couch for his nap - then I can finish up.

Another guild project - our entry into 'Snowmen Along Main Street'.  Our clumsy skating snowman has his 3rd year, but we added a Miss this year.  Mister was made from scraps donated by many members and I saved all the left overs - that bag is now out of the house.  Thanks to Ginny and her hubby for hanging and the photo.

 And the guild sponsored a lighted Angel for the 'Lights in the Park'.  Thank you member, Martha, for picking up the 'Giant' Angel frame - I spent an afternoon zip tieing 900 lights to her - and the she delivered her back for the Rotary to set up the display.

I need to take Mom for a drive to see the Snowmen and then the lights.

And as you can see, it is starting to snow here!!!

Sewingly Yours,



  1. Oh my gosh...those snow people are so cute!

  2. Love the snow people especially the Miss. It's very cold here but no snow predicted, thank goodness.

  3. Love your snowfolk!
    I woke up to a couple of inches of snow on the ground, but it's looking drippy out there at the moment so it might not last long.

  4. You have snow & we have a heat wave...
    LoVe the snow man & miss...& a wonderful idea on Main Street.
    Merry Christmas Sharon...xox

  5. I love the clumsy snowman. He skates just like I do. I'm glad you were able to take your mom to see the decorations.

  6. Nice to see Moe helping! Love the snowman and Miss. Enjoy the lights.

  7. The clumsy snowman is a riot. Drive through light shows will be a big hit this year.

  8. Oh no keep the snow. I guess we are due to get some too. Ughhh not ready
    Your snowmen are adorable as is Moe sleeping on the job

  9. Right, you can keep the snow. It was cold enough here last night that I added our Pendleton Wool blanket to the bed! That made hubby happy! We'll have a high today of a toasty 29 degrees here in central Oregon.