Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Scrappy Wednesday

It's back to rainy, cold (possibly snow), yucky days - time to play.  I had pieced that heap of stings a couple of weeks ago and I would like to do something with them so they off the corner of the table.  

Trimming them down and removing papers.  The yellow is left from the Unicorn quilt and I would like to use that up rather than store it.

I'll make as many blocks as the yellow allows and then we play with layout from there.

I didn't get too far with the RSC20 color for the month and there are only a few more days left. 

Let's Play,
Sewingly Yours,


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  2. Lovely string blocks, a quilting tutor once said to me " You need some yellow to ZING up a quilt" and although I do not have much on hand, have to agree that it does add that brightness.

  3. Your "not very far" is MILES beyond my own RSC sewing in ORANGE!!

  4. Love tour string blocks, looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

  5. I love making string blocks....yours are looking great! The kids in pajamas down below are so cute!

  6. Looks like you have been having fun cleaning up your sewing area!