Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Scrappy Wednesday

As much as I would like to play in the scrap pile, I am being diligent in finishing up the quilting on the Harry Potter project.  I would have been done yesterday, but I had one of those cursed traumas of discovering that the bobbin thread had run out after a long session of supposed quilting.

I have another quilt waiting it's turn under the needle, so I may be a bit MIA.  THEN I can play in the scraps for a day or two before I crack the whip again.

I do not want to be political on this blog, but I pray heavily for all the service men and women, staffers, and civilians that have been put in harms way.  AND so many prayers for those affected by, the animals and life, and responders in the Aussie bush fires.  My heart is heavy, an empty bobbin cannot compare.

Sewingly Yours,


  1. It's all fun and games till the bobbin runs out! I had that happen this morning, fortunately I realised pretty quickly.
    The world is a scary place right now.

  2. Oh dont you hate that. I think machines should have a buzzer or something to warn us. Maybe i should invent that. Mine is using all the thread to make nests just because it can lol. Must be sewing machines rise up and protest day

  3. A lot of bad news right now can make one happy an empty bobbin is the only concern on the domestic front. Peace to all of us.

  4. That is a hilarious picture of the quilters all aghast!
    Hope your bobbin is full... and the world stops being on fire!

  5. Praying for the military (I have two daughters serving) and for the horrors that are occurring in Australia!! Hard to believe 24 people helped the lightning by starting so many of the fires...I don't understand that mentality at all!! Definitely spending lots of time in prayer these days!

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  6. Love the picture, nothing worse than finding the bobbin empty when you are happily sewing away. We are hoping for rain here in Aus, nothing in the forecast and summer still a long way to go.

  7. There is a lot of things to be upset about at the moment. Hope your bobbins behave today!

  8. I share your heavy heart - the world could use a little positive boost soon.

  9. Welcome to my world of stitching! ARrrrgh! Saying my prayers that life around the globe can heal.