Sunday, January 21, 2018

15 minutes

I am linking up with KATE with my count down.  I am using my 15 minutes to work on on hand stitching projects as I us my machine every day.

Since I have almost a rows worth of hexie temperature rosettes done, I am using those 15 minutes to stitch them to their back grounds.  Each rosettes takes me about 30 minutes to do.  When the last one for the row is done, I will have all of these ready to be machine stitched into the 5th row of this quilt.

I've been on a marathon of doing bindings (by machine) and had some help with this.

It's a little hard to move a quilt while a fat cat is plopped in the middle of it.  But, I got four bindings attached and stitched down - all while spinning a determined furkid.

Hope you got your 15 minutes each day,
Sewingly Yours,


  1. You might need a decoy quilt for the cats to nest on!

  2. Love your furry kid helpers!! Hope the furry one didn't get too dizzy! Well done getting the hexies sewn down and the bindings on the quilts.

  3. Cat napping on the job, but what a great helper.

  4. I used to have a little cat who was so determined to sit in my lap at all times that he would sit inside a basket while I was weaving it or a hat while I was knitting it - going round and round and round. This might be as close as cats can get to theme park rides...

  5. I have a puppy who likes to play with my fabric and threads.....she can decorate a room in seconds - HA!

  6. Looks like you made very good use of your 15 minutes every day this week. You must have very strong arms after getting the binding on with all that help from your furrkid!