Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Monday Making - delayed

Monday was a non-sew day as I was attending  a Catskill Mountains Quilters Hall of Fame event in Windham, NY.  And just up the road from where we were is the lovely Patchwork Co Quilt Shop. So, yes, that was worked into our day.  Not that I need fabric, but when in Rome do what the Romans do - right!

They have been running a huge sale all month - hey, new stuff has to be rolled in and they need to make room (I will be back to check out the 'new').  I showed a lot of restraint and this was my small bag purchase.

The neutral was the last (almost yard) on the bolt and looked lonely - 'Flirt' - will be used in something very soon.  The next two small pieces were tossed aside from the cutting of the person in front of me - ends of bolts and she didn't want it - hey, I will give it a home.  The period green with sweet cheddar flowers - 'Kindred Spirits' - will go into the Mini Monday Blocks and the little Geese with Temecula Quilting.  The alpha print - 'A is For' - will go into my juvinile tote to be used when our guild works on the donation quilts for the community.  AND the BIRDS were my just for fun because it caught my fancy - 'Trading Post'.  I have a lot of blacks that I want to use up and this will be my focal to blend them all.  And then the Jelly Roll of 'Cheddar & Indigo' by Nancy Gere just had to come home with me.

Today I will catch up on the Mini Monday blocks.  Simple  framed centers and we have to make four.  They should work up quickly and then I need to get back to the stitchery on Bleeker Street.

I haven't had a 'finish' in a long time and the month is almost over.  Maybe????

Sewingly Yours,


Debbie said...

You showed restraint! I have no need of more fabric.....but life is short, buy fabric:)

Sarah said...

You were quite restrained in your shopping. Bravo! Love that bird fabric!

Val's Quilting Studio said...

Love what ya chose...happy sewing ahead!

Carol S. said...

You were so kind to save those fabrics from the store. It's a quilter's burden to be a rescuer of fabrics. LOL Great buys! I love the mini blocks. Maybe I need to add that to my list of to-do's.

Barbara said...

Wow, that looks like a beautiful shop. I'll have to add it to my list!

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Always room for just a bit more fabric, LOL!! Great buys!