Saturday, March 18, 2017

Help for Hexie-Aholics

I think SARAH has me looking for Hexies to play with.  Did you notice my one tree in the next Bleeker Street piece?  Our guild had the pleasure of Sarah's class and trunk show and think she has turned a few of us to the dark side.

Here is my pile of large rosettes so far.  I really need to find something that ties these all together as I am getting down to a few layer cakes and I want to be sure I have what I need for a finish.  I really would like to start putting this one into something more 'solid' so could use some suggestions.

And because it is was also Feline Friday the same day as 'Hexie', I thought I would put Moe into the spotlight (not sure where Bella is).  He was helping me prep some fabric for my Monday Making project.  Actually he wouldn't let me touch anything I laid here (and the scratches tell the tale).  So I would sneak something and cut on the other table.

Sewingly Yours,


  1. When stumped for ideas for blocks and lay outs, I search on Pinterest to see if there is something I like. I am sure there are hexie ideas there. Your group looks great so far....maybe more darker blue?

  2. Debbie's idea of darker blue would work, or maybe a dark brown for setting?

  3. Cute trees. I really love those beautiful hexies. How about a creamy yellow?

  4. Lime green or deep burgundy, do you want it to be darker, paler, or brighter? I would take a photo of just one hexie, and go to Picasa or similar and try frames of all colours. They are lovely.

  5. I think a shade of coral would make a nice background for your hexie flowers.

  6. You can spend several happy hours on Pinterest looking for hexagon quilt ideas. (Go on, ask me how I know...)
    I think Moe was just trying to do a fabric pull for a project he has in mind. No wonder he was guarding things so closely!

  7. I am such an enabler!!!

    I can't quite tell, are the whites in your photo solid whites? If not, surround each rosette with white, put them side by side so the hexie points match up and fill the gaps with a diamond in a contrasting color. I like Nancy's idea of burgundy.