Sunday, February 19, 2017

Monday Making 2/20/17

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I've missed my sewing machine because I have been busy doing handwork.  Today I will be joining Beth for some 'making' time - I really need it!

I don't have permission to show this commission piece, but I can give a little peek.  Those elephants are about an inch tall.  Yes, I work tiny cross stitch along with my tiny quilting.  This will be blocked out today so it is ready for pick up.

Bleeker Street w/Wendy

My making will be to get to Part One of the Bleeker Street QAL with Wendy.  I don't plan on doing the big quilt, but making different sections into minis, table runners, and/or pillows.

  The white has a swirl in it - left over from one of last year's projects and needs using up.  And a tote with some left over layer cakes, FQs and pieces.  They need to find a purpose and I think this project will fit the bill.  Now to go wind some bobbins.

To our quilty friends on the West Coast - hope all are safe,
Sewingly Yours,


Sarah said...

Such tiny little elephants- I'm sure the commission is exquisite!! Have you already decided what parts of the QAL will become what? I see so many options.

Kathy S. said...

The elephants are so cute!

Dana Gaffney said...

The elephants are adorable, I hope you'll be able to show us the finished piece.

Needled Mom said...

Those tiny elephants are so sweet, but I can see why you miss your sewing. Have fun today with it.

Rebecca in AK said...

Your commissioned piece looks beautiful! Such tiny stitches. Bleaker Street looks tempting, but I better not.

Kate said...

The commissioned piece is very cute. Hope you got in lots of fun sewing time this week.

Kristi said...

Thanks! We are drying out now. Lots of road challenges. A good time to stay home and quilt!