Sunday, May 1, 2016

May Mania

If you have followed my blog for some time you know I usually do a 'May For Me' - well this year I will be lucky to find some ME time during the month of May.  The month is packed and I hope I survive, but it should be a colorful month.

Dust Off Those Books
I will try to stay on track with building my houses.  I'm thinking I will take a day and cut all the required pieces for each 'block'/ label/box - prep time should help in being able to grab them when I can.


I've done all the little blocks up in as many colors as I can think, so I just have the column quilt for RSC.  AND the month's color is green - yeah, taming some more of that drawer.

Slow Sunday Stitching

I will have Sundays to relax and some slow stitching will be just the thing.  The 365 circles will be on the list, bindings, and maybe work on a quilt that will be traveling with me.

Then there are blocks with Westering Women (one a month-doable), Adinkra (one a month-doable), and Circa 2016(they are little blocks-doable).

I need to use Sarah's scrap management challenge to deal with this mess.  I had to move my machine to clean it and then clean the table, too.  These are all leader/ender projects - yes, I am that crazy.  The little blocks just need proper storage rather than tucked here and there as they are all completed. I think I have enough Goosey blocks to move on to the next step.  As well as some of the other 'units' are ready to be assembled for their next step - again being used as leader/enders.

I want to get this finished.  At this point I am half way there and binding is waiting.  I have a large quilt prepped and ready to hand off to my long armer.  I need to start thinking about cleaning out that tote of 'to be quilted' - one for me and one for Barb (my LA) - over the next few months.

I need to pick up a mailing box to send off my Hands2Help quilts this week.  I have a guild meeting along with a special guild event with a special guest.  That part of the story will have to wait so not to spoil the surprise.  I have two Hall of Fame meetings this month (and one's on my birthday no less) and those will be a day's travel with a day to recoup.

AND we have an honored event - Suzi Parron is coming to the Valley for the release of her second book.  Yup, release with signing in our little communities - and she's holding up the sale of the book until that weekend with us. I want to pick up a book - our Schoharie County Trail is in the book - what a treat.

This is the Schoharie Library where one of the book signing events is taking place.  April 26th was our local library's 100th birthday.  I will be here on May 12th for a program.  A night of 'Something From Nothing' in the era of the 1940's.  I will be demonstrating hand quilting and will have a display of time period quilts.  There will be other demos and displays of various period crafts showing how items were recycled into new for the time.  Should be fun.

And then we throw in Mother's Day and Memorial weekend.  By the last weekend I am going to feel like not going any where.  Maybe those last few days of May I can use to power sew all those items above. But I am going to be sure I at least get a hot dog or burger on the gril and maybe some S'mores, too.

May your May be Colorful,
Sewingly Yours,


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon what a busy Bee you are,i must remember book it this month,what date is it again Sharon,thankyou xx

Dana Gaffney said...

Wow, you're going to be busy, maybe you should schedule June for me, I think you'll need it.

Karen said...

I am not sure you can squeeze in any "ME" time. But it does sound like you have lots of fun things going on.

Val's Quilting Studio said...

Oh my what a colorful month indeed you have ahead. You'll be looking forward to your sunday sewing for sure!! ENJOY!

Mary said...

Happy May plans for you. Great event for your Library. I look forward to seeing what/who you are keeping secret.

Mary said...

Happy May plans for you. Great event for your Library. I look forward to seeing what/who you are keeping secret.

Rebecca in AK said...

Sounds like a busy month ahead! I love the library building!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Yes, you have a busy month. Sounds like it will be nice.

Jeanna said...

I love this, Sharon. You have a plan, a beautiful plan!

Sarah said...

Hmm...a special guild event ...sounds like fun! As does the rest of your super busy month. Your library is a gorgeous building and I'm jealous for your book signing event! My county is trying to get a barn quilt trail together. Someday, when i get my garden shed built, I'll have a shed quilt. I think i may have finally picked a pattern...just need colors. Well, something to go with purple.

Kate said...

Sounds like a pretty packed month. Good luck with your stitching plans.

Carla said...

Dang you're gonna need a massage and a vacation after all that. LOL