Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday's Adventure

This is were I spent the day.  I was politely greeted, introduced around , and then handed a large notebook and thumb drive as the new Secretary (that ceremony is actually coming up on the 21st).  But I was also here for another reason.

I was filling in for Chris to sponsor our guild's inductee, Betsy Macomber.  And good thing I am not shy or nervous, because I was informed I would be starting the show.  As they fiddled with the mike - I told them no need.  Yes, I have one of those stage booming voices.

The photos I took came out horribly, so please excuse.  Betsy - so excited for her - in the lite slacks and most beautiful hand-woven wrap.  I have known her pre-quilting days when she started as a gym teacher at our local High School (I was secretary for the Athletic Director), Boy Scouting days when our sons were involved, and remember her taking quilting classes from my Mother.  She is a lover of Judy Neimeyer patterns, a jaw dropping, hand guided long arm quilter and teaches classes at one of the LQSs.  I don't have her presentation (I was doing it) or showing off her block that will hang in the Hall of Fame.

Each inductee brought 2 quilts that were used in the judging, but it was difficult with the lighting and all the crowd taking pictures.

Then there was a wonderful presentation by Dolly Wodin of quilts from 1840 - 1940.  It was of particular interest to me as I love following Barbara Brackman's blog with the history of quilts and fabrics.  I was especially thrilled when she showed the Dutch Palampore quilt which I have been researching as it being my heritage.

It was a lovely day filled with all walks of quilters - who's names I will never remember.  And some I will see again when our own guild hosts the Fall Hall Of Fame meeting and induction of officers on the 21st.  Hopefully I will get better photos that day - Betsy is, also, our guest speaker that meeting.

Sewingly Yours,


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,wow looks like a fantastic night ,well done being the MC I couldn't do it,I go all shy,lol xx

Sarah said...

What a fantastic event - to be surrounded by all that talent and beautiful quilts! Enjoy again when you guild hosts the famers. LOL.

Debbie said...

what a wonderful event. so glad you have no stage fright and I am sure you did an excellent fill in. And congrts to the new inductees....that is a heady acknowledgement to their quilting skills and talent.

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like a great day. It's great that you have the big voice and no need of a mic! ;-)

Teresa in Music City said...

That looks like a wonderful event Sharon, and I am sure you enjoyed yourself tremendously! What a privilege to be able to be part of bringing such honor and joy to a fellow quilter and friend :*)

Lyndsey said...

It looks like a real fun day. Ha ha I know about having a booming stage voice and hate if I have to use a microphone.

Sheila said...

New secretary of the Roxbury Arts Group! Congratulations! You go girl!

Kate said...

Looks like everyone had a great time.