Friday, December 12, 2014

SewMaMaSew Winner & News


I would like to thank all you lovely people and your response to the SewMaMaSew Give Away.  I had so many lovely comments and what a variety of Holiday songs listed.  But before I announce the winner (anticipation, anxiously sitting on the edge of your seat,fingers crossed) - some blogger issues that need addressing........

I had a lot of no-reply and I would say maybe a quarter of you did make sure you had your e-mail address included, but the others............
If you find you are not getting replies or winning contests, please - I have three buttons on my side bar that explain how to set your address so it appears with your comments.  But if you prefer to not - make sure you add your e-mail address.  If we can't find you, you can't win.

ALSO, blogger made some updates and changes without us knowing.  AND I would like to thank Terry for bringing this to my attention - as I was affected by it.  You may want to check to see if you have the crazy word/number verification set again on your blog as well as some not able to leave a comment.  And she gave a resource for a fix HERE and HERE.

Now for the winner

Cheri - The Quilting Nanny who was so nice to be sure she had her e-mail address included in her reply so I could reach her.

Thank you all again and may your Christmas be Merry & Bright,
Sewingly Yours,


  1. Thanks for that comment tip, Sharon. Mine appears to be OK, but I did notice that several blogs that I visit now had the verification in use. I didn't say anything, thinking that they must have had some spam issues and changed their settings. Good to know.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on this.....mine is ok, but I have noticed a huge surge in spam getting thru.

  3. Thanks for that tip on Blogger. I had noticed verifications popping up on blogs where they never did before.

  4. That was a great giveaway Sharon. Thanks for the reminder about the blog changes. I read Terry's post but I haven't looked at mine yet.

  5. I dont' think there was a single blog I commented on that didn't have that verification number thing..unless they used the raffle way. I thought everyone was using it cause of spam as it was offered by feedburner. Learn something new every day!

  6. I had no idea! My blog was not affected because I have my comments embedded, but I had noticed it popping up on blogs everywhere. I'm really tired of this happening to our blogs. Since the last change made by either Blogger or Yahoo - I haven't yet figured out which - I have quite a few bloggers who comment on my blog but I never receive emails letting me know, so I can't just "reply" - I have to get their email address and compose a new email to respond. Ridiculous!!! Why can't they just leave well enough alone!!!! And I really hate that WordPress can't comment no matter what they try - that might explain why I never get comments from some bloggers I visit regularly who don't seem to be the unfriendly type. Seems to me Blogger's "fixes" do more harm than good.

  7. Congratulations to The Sewing Nanny!

    Ah, that would explain why some of the blogs I read have suddenly got word verification turned on! I'd better go check mine right now -- thanks for the heads up!

  8. I noticed some of the Word Verifications are blurry. is that the change? I don't use it and don't allow annon coments.