Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Goals

With half the year over (how did that happen?) it starts to become not only a monthly goals setting, but setting things into perspective thru to the end of the year.  Personally, I like November and December to be as stress free as possible so it takes planning to get all my ducks in a row to acheive that.  

Of course there has to be NewFO - seriously, fresh starts are good for the soul.  I will use my Monthly Doll Quilt Swap for this.  I know I have to get this done early in the month as it has to be shipped overseas.

I like this one on my list too.  Another new project and finishing up something old is a good mix.


My Something Old will be to quilt/finish this wallhanging that I did as part of my LQS Super Bowl Sunday quilt along mystery back in February.

June 1-July 30

My Something New will be to start this.  I think I am just going to do one block (they are 22") for a nice wallhanging.  I would love to make a large quilt set 3 x 3 blocks, but time doesn't allow right now - it will be a good project for those snowed-in months.

I have been enjoying visiting my books, patterns, filed away printouts with this.  And participants have been doing some lovely pieces from some wonderful resources - some I have sitting on my shelf getting dusty, so great reminders.

My Vet has been asking me for a dog mini quilt for a few years now.  She has one of my kitty minis (for the new building dedication) and it was a tribute to my old cat - she was his Vet.  So I am going to modify this cover quilt - no Santa hats - and finally fullfill that request.

I will be combining my Handmade Christmas project with the Simply Small project again this month.  

The RSC14 color for July is RED and I have added a lot of  scrap reds into that never empty basket.

The Moda Trifle Cake sew along will be showcasing finished tops July 7th.  My flimsy is ready, photo'ed, and actually will be handed off to my long armer (it is HUGE) this Thursday.

Coming in August

And I have to start thinking of which quilt and which kitty to use for a photo shoot for the upcoming Pets on Quilts Show in August.  It may take me all month to get one or the other furry to cooperate this year.  July is a great month for outdoor photo's - so get yours done early so you're ready come link up.

I have to start planning for a quilt show in September, local promotion of our county Quilt Barn Trail with an 'Airing of the Quilts' in September, and another quilt show in October (our quild show).  Getting my ducks in a row now will make for less stress as those dates approach. 

AND I haven't had a burger or hot dog on the grill yet!!  Gotta take care of that...............

Sewingly Yours,


  1. yes you have to have something on the grill for sure! love seeing your projects. I too am contemplating what needs to be done and when so I can get more organized and accomplish something other than adding to the flimsy or UFO pile .
    will be a busy summer season

  2. Great projects coming up and I love your forward planning. November and December can be stressful enough without needing to finish up a pile of quilty presents. I must get my goals organised.

  3. I always love seeing your projects. You have some mighty hefty goals. Goal setting is the only way to make good progress without continually bouncing from one thing to the other without getting anything finished. Love the cat wall hanging idea for your vet's office.

  4. You have lots of great plans. Love the wall hanging that you have here...the colours are so wonderful, especially like how you used the black. Have fun!

  5. Every time one of the dogs photo bombs my quilt pictures I throw the picture into a separate file, it lowers the need to stalk and chase them, LOL.

  6. Your vet must love having you for a patient mom. That cover quilt is sweet. Have fun making all of your projects.

  7. Your plate is full for July, but they look like great projects. Have you seen the books "It's Raining Cats and Dogs"? They have some cute designs in there too for your vet.

  8. Hi Sharon, you are always so busy and I love what you make. I will be trying to complete one of the four quilt tops I have ready for quilting so I can get Treacle on it for the Pets on Quilts show which I love. I look forward to seeing all the things you are going to do over the summer. Have a lovely Summer. Susie xx

  9. Such a list! Maybe I should do that to keep from getting side tracked

  10. I love your quilts - can hardly wait to see the dog quilt for your vet……mainly because I'm a dog lover….can't get enough of our fur babies.

  11. Quite a list there Sharon, but you always manage to get them all done somehow! I have no idea what my goals for July are. Ha!

  12. I can't wait to see the puppy quilt! Good luck with your goals :-)

  13. Quite a list. I missed doing a Let's Book It project last month. Was a busy month. Not so many plans this month. Time to look through those books, magazines and patterns for something to try : )

  14. Good luck with your goals. I have that book with the Santa Dogs on it, but haven't made anything from it. It has some really cute patterns in it.

  15. Love that "Something Old" project, what a stunning quilt!