Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Up the Ladder

I played with the Lanter QAL block #2 - Ladder.  Rather than several fabrics, I kept to two closely themed/coloured strips - oh, these strips are really pretty but so not on the grain so patterns run a little cocked-eye!!

I tried to do a little fussy cutting to get some interest with the patterns.  See that pencil - notice how 'off' the strips are?  I paid a lot of money for this JR, so not scrapping it because it is off grain or cut short.

It's bad enough they pink them so deep, but I marked a 2.5" strip on paper and laid some strips on it so you can see just how short they are of the 2.5" mark.  I did have to throw one strip out as it was run thru the cutter folded so I had a very strange strip.  I've enjoyed and used Free Spirit fabrics before, but as yardage or FQ bundles - this is my first pre-cut.  I don't think I will be buying any more.

And my machine is tied up with this project - block making and playing with my tiny scraps is on hold until this quilt is done.  The 'Forest QAL' - so I can get it into the contest and maybe even Pet's on Quilts.  A lot of thread changes, threads to bury, and a lot of hours into this one - the most extensive quilting I have done on a large quilt.  Gosh, if my workhorse of an old machine ever croaks on me ----- I will be devistated.  She hums along no matter what task on the ladder I put to her.   


Hmmm - Ladders

1. Ladder is like life
2. one has to climb it to reach the top
3. one has to climb slowly so as to not upset the balance
4. one can pause on each step to take in the breath or the view
5. ladder is very useful to reach things placed higher
6. Nowadays there are folding ladders to put away
7. One can climb up in education or career step by step

Ladders in Quilting

1. Ladder Stitch
2. Jacob's Ladder
3. Quilt Ladder (display ladder)
4. Ladder variation - Stepping Stones
5. Climb the ladder of quilting skills

Can you think of more?

Sewingly Yours,


Cheryll said...

It makes me mad too if the strips are cut incorrectly... we go to so much trouble to cut precisely... so they should too! :)

Michele said...

Well I do like the blocks you made even though they are a bit off. I really considered that QAL a lot but I want to get more of the projects on my list already done first. I have found that some precuts aren't great too. That is just too bad for everyone.

Anonymous said...

I agree that strips cut incorrectly vs cash we pay is frustrating. I suppose they Re more for quick no brainier quilt tops? verses I can think of as you about covered it.

Dana Gaffney said...

I just don't buy many pre-cuts anymore, they cost a lot for the convenience and there always seems to be a "surprise" buried in them. Plus those pinked edges make so much fabric dust, my machine is always filthy when I'm done.

Joanna said...

Ladder block describes it better than staircase. I have run into the same problem with my jelly roll strips; they are Ty Pennington for Westminster Fabrics. I had to trim the background fabric on both blocks. The first block I took apart completely because it rippled after sewing. Your blocks finished up nicely with the two colors. You covered ladders well; it reminds me I have to haul mine outside to trim my neighbors' tree:)

Debbie said...

Great post! Love your ladder thoughts.... and the new blocks. No, I don't do the pre-cuts for the same reasons.
For some reason I have missed your last couple of dashboard reader has been missing a lot of others too. So the doll quilts were a surprise when they came in the mail yesterday. I so love the kitty cats....they are so cute. And the bear one is cuddly. Thanks for helping.

Sheila said...

I'm enjoying your lantern blocks come together. Feel tempted to sew along.
I have the same issues about jelly roll quality :(

Needled Mom said...

That is one downfall with the precuts. Your ladders look great though, Sharon.

I can't wait to see your forest QAL.

Sheila said...

Your lantern blocks are lovely and that is a very large quilt to be doing on your machine , way to go! I have also had similar issues with precuts , both jelly rolls and charm packs .

Jessica said...

I've also had issues with precuts but luckily not with this current jelly roll. They still look great, Sharon! I'm glad your still plugging along with me :)

Jessica said...

PS - You're right - ladder would have fit better!!

Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

The blocks look great even though you are having such a hard time with precuts.

Belinda said...

I didn't realize there could be such issues with precuts, not having purchased many. That's frustrating!!! But I LOVE those fabrics in your ladder blocks! I'm always drawn to the celtic designs.

Teresa in Music City said...

Wonderful post Sharon!!! I love your thoughts about "Ladder" - my addition would be that it always helps to have someone at the bottom, helping you, supporting you as you climb and steadying the ladder to ensure your safety. So true of life and friends as well!!!!

I too have found JR's to be too narrow and have no plans to purchase any more. If the purpose is to save time and effort, they fall far short of that goal! I spent more time trying to compensate than if I had just cut them myself! Okay, enough of that rant.... What a great quilt your Forest QAL is going to be! I can't wait to see the finish!

Sue Daurio said...

Always a nice mix of projects when I come visit here. Love the ladder block and what a shame on the 2.5" strips. I've had some that I thought were pretty small before, I'll keep your test in mind next time.

Oh I can't wait to see that Forest QAL all completed, looks like a real beauty and I bet a lot of fun to quilt :)

KatieQ said...

I like Free Spirit fabrics, but I haven't bought any of their pre-cuts. After seeing your experience, I will probably stick with the yardage.
I am impressed at the way you manage to maneuver that large quilt through your small machine. The blocks from your Forest QAL were beautiful. I'm sure your quilting will really make them stunning.