Thursday, April 11, 2013

I Fell....Behind

In trying to get secret projects done and swaps done and off in the mail - I fell behind in a number of blocks.  I don't like how I lost some points on this one (Favorite Quilt Block) which could be I had distractions at the time - cats to the Vet (annual physicals and shots) and a car for an oil change that turned into a need for some minor repair (luckily sevice/warrenty contract covers all-just no car for a few days).

Now the FQB QAL I am doing in browns with a touch of color.  I made two house blocks like this - whether I use both will depend on the final layout - the second could actually be used as a pillow to go with the quilt.

Still catching up on the FQB - I whimped and used a 'notions' fabric for the pincushion center instead of the applique with the original pattern.  So added the tape measure fabrics to continue the theme - and my brown.

And just when I thought I was done - the next block came out!  Phew - but caught up now.

As long as I was on a block making direction - thought I would get the next Rancher's Daughter block done.  I suddenly realized working from some charm packs and scraps was not going to get me thru this project, so darn it, I had to go do a little on-line shopping.  But good news, they had what I was looking for (plus) and I had a few gift certificates I had won - so 'free' shopping - gotta love that.

I am so happy John'alee had a photo posted of all her little blocks hanging on the wall - what??  There's one I missed!  I think that was when my computer fell ill - so that is now done.

And caught up with Darleen's Mystery Quilt - luckily we only had to add this HST/piano key border on the top and bottom - easy peasy and done.  I opted not to do the applique in the 'star' border - leaving for some special quilting instead.

I have the Forest QAL block that I am playing with - the European Jay pattern is lovely, but not a bird of our area.  So I browsed the Audibon website for some of our region birds that could be translated into the pattern.  Found one and being real careful to write my color changes onto the pattern pieces so no OOOPS!  Of course that meant pulling all kinds of bits and pieces and wedges and FQs and..........  well looking for just the right fabrics/colours.

There's more to share, but I don't want a long post and chase ya all away!  It is rainy,sleeting and a bit of a wind - great inside, sewing, take my mind off things kind of days ahead.

Sewingly Yours,


  1. So many wonderful blocks! No wonder you fell behind... there's only so much time in a day :*) I really like the basket block - it looks like it is holding flowers.

  2. gorgeous work as usual Sharon,have a good day my friend.xx

  3. Good morning, Sharon. What a wonderful post to read while having my breakfast! You have some great blocks...I kept scrolling up and down! Really like the 'Rachel' block and the twisted knot ...great variety. Darlene's Mystery is wonderful too. Do you have anything else to work on...giggle!

  4. I was surprised to read that you got behnd, you are usually ahead of the game. But things happen. Glad that you are all caught up now. The weather the past few days is so Blech!. I hope it gets better quickly. I'm tired of all this cold.

  5. OMG, you're human!? LOL. I'm always in awe of all you get done.

  6. I feel better now I know you got behind. I seem to spend my life in catch up mode. The blocks are lovely and a little on-line shopping is such a treat especially with gift certificates.

  7. You have been a busy lady. I get the animals in the Vets. Both dogs were in, and one even had surgery.

  8. Beautiful blocks, Sharon. I especially like the house block.
    Glad your car repairs were under warranty.

  9. Life does occasionally get in our ways, but isn't it gratifying when you catch up!? All the blocks are so nice. I like that you left room for some quilting 'art' in your border.

  10. I love seeing all of the blocks from you BOSs and Quilt alongs. I particularly like the little house block. It is miserable here today. Rainy and very windy.

  11. I could have kept scrolling and oohing and aaahing all day. I love your work and all your blocks are wonderful. :)

    It's sunshiney and a warm 65 here right now. That's after some major storm damage north of me. A tornado really did some bad stuff in Van Buren county. I hope you get some spring weather soon!!

  12. Goodness, girl, you've been busy! You are still the piecing Queen!!