Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Greatful Heart

The month of August has left me with a greatful heart.  Many new friends, a wonderful community quilt show of  beautiful heritage antique quilts, a spectacular and inspirational "Bowls" blog hop, and having projects completed early so when an emergency oral surgery happened, I didn't feel like I had whimped on my commitments.


I just love this to pieces!  Fun 'Berenstain Bears' with such bright prints and colors - and look at all those polka dots.  This worked perfectly with this pattern from Moda Bake Shop 'Awesome Lap Quilt' .  I used a bright blue thread to 'organic' straight line quilt  which gave it lots of texture.

A bright blender fabric in blue/purple/green backing - scrappy binding - and all that texture - how can you not love this!  I will be linking this up with Megan at Crooked Seams for the Let Me See Your Jelly Roll-August Challenge.


I used this small project to fill two committments.  This is the August Schnibbles 'Dimestore' and I made just one block for a candle mat. I used the last of my left over 'Meadow' charms.  I need a hostess gift, so this fits the bill for this time, but I would love to make a full size quilt.

This was the color palette photo for the challenge with patchworktimes for August - so I hope I have come close with my little candle mat.


Wendy Sheppard was the guest this month for SewCalGal's FMQ Challenge. And it was a take on a 'jester hat' to acheive the 3-spike affect. I could look at the sample and draw them without a problem, but putting it to a fabric sandwich - well my jester wears a funny hat.  They look more like wind blown hay stacks.  Yes, I used a dark thread to re-use a practic sandwich that sits by the machine so I can do some strokes before putting a quilt under the needle.


I am re-couping more from the medications and anti-biotics than the surgery - but really needed to sew something.  Beth had started another dump quilt (side button for the challenge and tutorial) so I had to pull the next over-flow of scraps.  An easy, non-think project was the ticket.  I got these cute and colorful mini plastic washtubs at the Dollar Store - they are perfect for holding stash and projects.

See, the minute I get those scraps out - there are the helpers - Moe got on the table in the middle of things and Bella was along side the sewing machine (didn't take her picture).  But they won't touch any of it once it is a flimsie or completed quilt - very weird!  And yes, he stretched enough that the wash tub went on the floor.

And blocks are slowly coming to life!  Go visit Beth, read the tutorial, grab some scraps, and DUMP - it is really a great stress free bit of sewing for a unique quilt - there's still time to create a quilt for the 100 Quilts for Kids - donate your dump quilt to a local charity.

"There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart."
- Celia Thaxter

Sewingly Yours,


  1. Great projects, Sharon. Love your polka dots!

  2. love your quilt Sharon well done and love your helper,so funny,lol.xx

  3. So sorry about the emergency surgery. That is never fun. But it looks like your dump quilt is keeping you happy.

  4. Love the lap quilt! So full of color and fun.
    I think you matched the color challenge perfectly with your candle mat. Beautiful!
    And who said that the jester's hat had to have perfect spikes? Wouldn't some of those shapes made into a hat make you laugh without having the jester do a thing?
    Dump quilts are a great way to create a bit of history. They will show all sorts of fabrics that were available during the time you made that quilt.

  5. Jelly roll challenge? SO CUTE!! Emergency oral surgery? UGH. Dump quilt? Fascinating. Hope you feel better really soon!

  6. Moe is my kind of cat ... just jumping right into the middle of things! The photo for the color challenge is wild! I like your little candle mat -- that's a project size right up my alley!! I'm so sorry you had to have emergency oral surgery -- YUCK!!! :)

  7. I love the 'Berenstain Bears' quilt...so bright and pretty!
    And..well...jesters are supposed to be funny LOL! (and I haven't even tried this one !!)

  8. Wonderful projects Sharon and I'm so glad you are feeling better! Your little Scnibbles mat is just adorable and great for your color challenge! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion at the River Linky Party Tuesday

  9. Sure hope that the surgery went well...love your Schnibbles mat - you nailed those colors! I'm off to check out the dump quilt info!

  10. Sorry about the dental stuff. No fun at all. Work on something easy till some of those meds are out of your system.

  11. I like your Jester's hat. You have been busy.

  12. Love the Berenstain Bears quilt! Visiting your blog is always a joy. So much inspiration! Don`t know what I`d do without my kitty helpers. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Oh my I love your jelly roll challenge piece! Those bright colors are wonderful - what a fun quilt. blessings, marlene

  14. I love that jelly roll quilt! I've saved that pattern and now with the jelly roll I won last month--this may well be the pattern I'll use for it! But for now, onto the jam making!

  15. whoop whoop for a great month! Thanks for sharing, I never knew the jelly roll challenge ;o) I have a jelly roll ufo that I might tackle for next month - in fact it's still the FQSR jelly roll race quilt...

  16. Thank you to Moe for joining today's Feline Friday Linky Party! Sharon - it looks like you have been rather busy this month with lots of great projects!

  17. You have had a productive month and surgery too. Hope you are/have healed well. You color palette challenge is spot on!

  18. I just love your little "helper" and great job on the color challenge! I just found that so I am going to give it a try for this next month. I found you through 3 different links, lol. You take care, see you in the next round.

  19. Love that jelly roll quilt! I've been eyeballing that pattern for a while - maybe it's time to give it a whirl! Whoop whoop!!