Monday, March 12, 2012

National Quilting Month

I know we are half into the month, but thought I would make you all aware of the National Quilting Association site. They offer a free pattern for National Quilting Day, which is March 17, 2012. This lovely Mariner's Star pattern is this year's pattern. The site has a number of past patterns still available.

Also, silly me, new to me and I use a lot of their products:
Pellon main site with lots of projects as well as their products should you want to review. Maybe there is a project that fancies you for National Quilting Day.


Box #1 - Moving on to Linda at Stray Stitche (she also is waiting on Box #6)

Box #2 - still no word with From Blank Pages

Box #3 - Moving on to ME!!

Box #4 - Moving on to Jenelle Echinops & Asters

Box #5 - Moving to Terri QuiltNCards

Sewingly Yours


  1. There's a woman who lives about 10 miles from me who is a prolific quilter. Every year for National Quilting Day her son rigs up several temporary clothes lines in her front yard and she hangs her quilts on them. Some are the ones she's made in the last year and some are older, beloved ones. Of course weather is a factor and some years she doesn't get to do it, but when she does it's amazing at the people who stop and wander up and down the clothes line! Needless to say, but sadly so, she and her children and friends stay outside guarding the quilts so none disappear. I try to go just to see what she's made new every year! blessings, marlene

  2. Hey, thanks for the link. I hopped over there to check it out and it's a really great site!

  3. Woohoo! You get another box. That will be a great box after you are finished with it, if it isn't already (probably is).

  4. We were both lucky winners. I will be posting about receiving the Traveling Stash box but will not hold the giveaway until the 29th as instructed. Thanks for keeping track of all those boxes for us.

  5. Way to go, you!!! I'm so excited for you -- and at least it's going to a blogger I already follow on a daily basis! LOL!! :)

  6. What a neat pattern, thans for sharing!

  7. I will pop over there. An old friend asked me if I would make a Mariner's Compass quilt for his bed. I like that block alot.

  8. Thank you for sharing! I had never seen this site before and now will mark it to return too! They fave great stuff. Enjoy your day!!!