Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cut the 'S-Craps'

The tutorial for the in-set circles is being delayed until Friday as I want to get the word out on this exciting NEW project being set up by Sarah over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict. Using the newly release book by Joan Ford and published by The Taunton Press, she is taking the idea of taming those scraps using 5", 3.5", and 2" squares and the challenge of designing a block for their Ministry to use in their lovely quilts donated for those in need.

Go over to Sarah's and read the instructions, challenge info, and YES offered give aways. She needs you to comment on your confirmation and will be hosting a link up for your block(s) February 8th - COME ON - one block is so easy. So you aren't a designer - hey - you never know until you try. And there are some lovely prizes. And just a side thought from my left brain, wouldn't it be nice to send those blocks to Sarah to be used in a quilt.

So go vist Sarah, give her a sign-up, and help spread the word with your own blog post.


The box will be traveling on to Barbara of Cat Patches. I will be contacting her for info and promise to keep you all informed of the next move. ****Ali at A Squared is posting for Box#2 - comments close this Friday so hurry and get over there and leave your comment if interested in this box.****

Sewingly Yours,

PS - Happy Australia Day !!!!!


  1. Sharon - This post is perfect for what I am doing right now. I just joined a postage stamp swap and and I am furiously cutting away so I can get them all in the mail by Saturday!! I'll go check out Sarah's post!! Kris

  2. lovely pst Sharon,have an awesome day.xx

  3. Thanks for the shout-out, Sharon!!!

  4. Squares! I must check out this book. Think I saw it at Jo Anns.
    And I'll check out Sarah's blog, too.

  5. I couldn't believe that the Traveling Stash box actually made it to your house after seeing your photos of how banged up it was. I guess that is a real tribute to the US Post Office. It's great that you repackaged everything before you sent it off to Barbara. I don't think it could have taken another trip. I'll be stalking her blog for a chance at it when it moves on.

  6. Way to go, Barbara!! I've been following these boxes for ages; I will persevere! LOL! :)

  7. It's a great idea...and love that it for charity!

  8. Congrats to Barbara!! Thank you for having the Traveling Stash giveaway and for sending it across country. I'm over to check out Sarah's blog now.