Sunday, November 20, 2011

Block Party!!

I hope you have been visiting HERE as there has been one or two wonderful block tutorials each day - all thru the month of November! I will be a guest tomorrow - Tuesday, Nov 22nd. Hope you pop in for a visit and leave me a line.

I finished my 12 of Hearts BOM stitchery. I'm thinking Moda's Blueberry Crumble will play so nicely with these. What do you think?

These little basket blocks are on their way 'across the pond' as part of the Australia 6" block swap. I am not the best at applique' (handles), but goes to show you need to TRY to learn anything new. Small projects in a new technique are wonderful ways to try something new.

My version of the tree block for the 12 Days of Christmas Quilt Along.

And my version of the Noel block for the 12 Days of Christmas Quilt Along. This shows you should print from one version - the N was from the site and the other letters from a saved file - see how they are different - HEY, I like different so it stayed as is.

Block #10 from Quilt Happy,Quilt Often's Home Sweet Home BOM. They are just 4.5" blocks and stitch very quickly. They are all still available if you like.


This is my progress for the Clover & Violet market tote. I am going with a solid back and pieced front. A lot more to do on the pocket stitchery which I am also using my pen-tech pencils. I will be adding beadwork, too. I will link this project up with Judy and Clover & Violet.


Sew Cal Gal - Christmas Quilt Blog Hop
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FQ Star Quilt Along (Tuesday next block)
12 Days of Christmas (Tuesday next block)


Box #1 - just passed on to Jessica at Quilty Habit.

Box # 2 - Staci will be splitting the box in two - The Confused Quilter so hop over and leave a comment if you are up to committing.


Since it is a block party, I will be doing a block tutorial on Sew We Quilt, I seem to be working in blocks, my SQUARED UP segment has been missing for a while, and I am almost to that magic 300 follower thing - it's give away time!!! What better than a collection of pre-cut squares (blocks) from my overflowing barrel. Seems I don't use the 3.5" squares very often. This is a pile of 600 squares - be a follower and leave me a comment "your fondest memory of FIRST snow" - nothing more special and thrilling as the first snowfall of the season. I will announce the winner DECEMBER 1ST. **Will ship international**


Moe has finally, I think, accepted this fabric piles, threads stuck to everything, hissing iron, starch spray, machines humming, pins on the floor crazy house. Today was the first time I found him amid the fabric napping. Do you see which fabric he pulled to use for his pillow?

Sewingly Yours,


  1. you have been very busy Sharon,well done

  2. I like the new Moda Blueberry Crumble line. Since you like blue, I think you should go with it :D
    Almost 300 followers. Congratulations!I so enjoy your blog entries. You work hard to make your blog entries diverse and interesting.
    The first snow I remember was special to me because my father and I made a snowman. This snow and snowman is actually my earliest childhood memory.I was so proud of my snowman I wanted my grandpa to see him! It was night when grandpa came. I asked him if he saw my snowman and he said, "Yes." I remember wondering HOW because it was so dark.

  3. We don't seem to get much snow in my part of the UK in fact last year's was the first my children could remember1 We had such fun building snowmen and an igloo!

  4. I will always remember the first snow my baby son saw the first year he was home.

    I can't help but chuckle at the "pillow".

  5. I've made a 'Noel' block before, too. Used it on the back of a Christmas quilt. When I grew up in Texas, it snowed one Christmas morning (only time), but my daddy wouldn't let us spend 30 minutes playing in the snow before we left for my grandparents. The snow was gone long before we got home that night. Now I get snow almost every Christmas or Christmas Eve.

  6. Funny, I don't seem to use a 3.5 inch block either. I like the 2.5 inch better and the 4 or 5 inch ones. That way I can make a 3.5 inch HST!

  7. I'm such a lover of snow!! I lived in West Virginia as a child and enjoyed snowy Christmas's most every year. MY first and best memories of snow are of my Daddy pulling me on a sled with a little seat. I would be all bundled up and I remember the "quiet" and the crunch of the snow as the sled glided along the snowy streets & sidewalks. I came home and my mother had made snow ice cream along with hot chocolate. I've tried to reproduce that feeling for my children the few times we've had snow here in the UNSNOWY SOUTH. Last year it snowed on Christmas Morning and I was as thrilled as any 5 yr. old!!
    Hope I win your stash!
    Gmama Jane

  8. What fun!!
    I don't remember my first snow, but I do remember how much my grandmother loved it! She always sat on her enclosed front porch willing it to snow. On the day we buried her, a light dusting came down and we were all smiles instead of tears.

    Those little blocks would save so much time!! Great giveaway!

  9. Sharon, I still don't know how you get so much done. You participate in everything! Love the swap blocks and the 12 days blocks.
    I'd say Moe is a smart cat!

  10. Last year we had a pretty special first snow.

    I live in NC near the mountains. we have lived here for only 3 winters.
    Snow tends to happy just in Jan and maybe Feb.

    Last year we stayed in NC for Christmas and had family coming in from Canada (where we are from.)

    My sister had been saying that she wished it would be as warm as the first year we were here on Christmas- ~65oF OR that it would be a white Christmas.

    She got her wish.

    The day my parents and 2 sisters drive 12.5 hours to get here there were warnings and starting of snow the whole way down. Most of the time they were clear of snow.

    That night you could just see the snow coming down very heavy!

    Christmas morning we woke up to several inches on the ground with it still snowing. It snowed the rest of the morning.

    The snow cancelled church on Sunday but the roads were clear enough for them to leave on Tuesday.

    We were very happy to have a white Christmas and still have family able to travel to us!

  11. You have been very busy,great job!!Beautiful projects.

  12. Moe *knows* what Moe likes! :-) That is just TOOO cute!

    And thank you for this wonderful giveaway-- what I could do with that many charms!!!! :-)

    Being from southern Alabama, snows are so few and far between.... Every time there is ever the slightest mention of possible snow (rarely ever ), everyone gets So excited and giddy!! :-) My first memory of snow was when I was about 15 (we had one when I was about 5, but I don't really remember that one).. They let school out early because they were worried that it may snow and the buses, and other drivers, down here aren't familiar with driving on snowy-icy roads. When I got home, I tried to call my friends,but there was no dial tone-- so many people were on the phone talking about the possible snow that it had jammed the lines (happens every time ;-)... We DID get snow that day and it was DEEP (about 5 inches, I guess)LOL! It was SOOOO incredibly gorgeous... makes me smile every time I remember it... We made 5 snowmen in our front yard (used every bit of our snow!!)--- one for each of our family members-- a Dad, a Mom and 3 girls! What a fun time we had-- I made my first snow angel! :-)

  13. I shall hop over for a visit tomorrow! Fun!
    Love your stitchery and WIP's. Too funny which fabric Moe chose! Hilarious!

  14. He wanted fishy dreams!! How cute!! I think we're working on a lot of the same thing -- the Home Sweet Home BOM and the 12 Months of Hearts, too!! :)

  15. I say Moe found the perfect fabric to nap on!
    My favorite 'first snow' memory involves my mini dachshund. Her first snow had her racing around the yard, jumping and trying to catch the flakes in her mouth. She was so excited. Eleven years later, she isn't nearly as thrilled when it snows!

  16. Sharon, you just amaze me!! So many wonderful things going on..and today I received my swap box from you. Thanks so much!!

  17. Do you think Moe could smell the fish on that fabric? LOL He looks content. Cats and quilts are made for each other.
    I just popped over from Sew we Quilt to say thanks for a great tut.
    It may sound silly, but I don't remember shovelling snow as a kid. So when we bought our first house, I couldn't wait to try out the new snow shovel. Of course, it was a heavy iron shovel, not like the plastic ones of today, and our driveway was on a very steep slant.
    It just goes to show-be careful what you wish for! Of course, I could wish for 600 little pieces of fabric :)

  18. I had to look up that Moda Blueberry line...and it is so you! It even has cross stitch designs. And it's blue. Yes, use that one!

    Moe and the fish--very cute!

  19. I may have posted this on the wrong comment, but I have to say Thanks for the great Tut over at Sew We Quilt. :) I made two whirlygigs tonight and they went together great. You can check them out at my blog Thanks again!

  20. my first snow was in Richmond VA on ironically, Australia Day 2004. We woke up to 6 inches (quite a bit for there) and went for an early morning walk around the streets of Richmond in it. I didn't have the proper foot wear and almost had frostbite before we made it home. It was quite the experience.
    Happy Thanksgiving Sharon!

  21. Thanks for the tutorial on SWQ and thanks for the chance to win. My memories of my granddaughter seeing the first snow fall is my favorite.

  22. Aww, he looks so contented! The first snow of 1988 sticks in my mind...I was nine months pregnant with our third kiddo, and it snowed over a foot - in South Carolina, no less! Hubby parked the car at the end of the driveway, pointed toward town! I'm glad she didn't come til the snow would have been a long walk out there, with labor pains! LOL
    Love your baskets! Would love to give those squares a new home! Happy Thanksgiving!

  23. I have the cutest picture of my granddaughter the first time she saw snow at about 6 months old. She is sitting in the snow all bundled up in a red snowsuit and her Mom put a text balloon on the photo that says "Life's a beach!".

  24. First I'd like to say, great tutorial on SWQ. The 1st snow I remember I was 2 or 3. My father and I with my neighbor and his daughter went down the street to get milk in the aftermath of a bad snowstorm. While wanting on line playing, I held on to my fathers leg (I was very shy) at one point I looked up at my father only to find my neighbor instead. I'm assuming I got historical, my parents tell this story laughing. I do remember my shock of it not being my father. Enjoy this Thanksgiving weekend. ;->

  25. My fondest memory of first snow was in 2003 when my son was about a year and a half. It was the first snow that he could walk around in and taste and explore. He was enthralled and it was so fun to watch.