Thursday, June 2, 2011

June Roses

I love June for the budding of roses. We have several very old bushes, probably original with the homestead. Thick tree like stalks with thorns so huge and sharp. But, the lovely perfume from them can be matched by no other. You need only pluck one small flower for the house and it fills it to capacity with it's luscious odor.

I've done little sewing, just some scrap play. It has gotten warm and dry and the call of the outdoors is too loud. Also, I needed to catch up on some housework - which came about because I cannot find a quilt that needs to go to the longarmer. It is bagged with batt and backing - yet alludes me - so the house is being turned upside down.

In my 'cleaning' spree, I came across this poor thing that I neglected. I have so little to do to finish it. So I grab some stitches and then sort thru another bin.

And this piece I have been working on inbetween projects. There is little left on this one too. So sad to see stitchery sit idle. And I keep searching. I just hope I haven't boxed this quilt up with a donation - been known to do that.

Well I have a weekend coming and weekends are known (for me) to be power sewing time. I will keep looking, but I have a couple of quilts to be ready for a September show. And there are those UFO Challenge list projects. And I will keep looking. But the weather has turned nice (well, we had a tornado go over - landed in Massachusettes), and I want to be outside. But I will keep looking.

For stately trees in rich array,
For sunlight all the happy day,
For blossoms radiant and rare,
For skies when daylight closes,
For joyous, clear, outpouring song
From birds that all the green wood throng,
For all things young, and bright, and fair,
We praise thee, Month of Roses!

Sewingly Yours,


Belinda said...

Oh I love roses! I have two bushes, one belonged to my grandmother, the other belonged to my great grandmother. They mean so much to me, and I made sure I brought them with me when we moved. I try to take good care of them, because I don't want to lose them. One didn't have a fragrance at first, but every year it gets stronger. The other smells heavenly.
I hope you find the elusive quilt and can enjoy being outside.

Roma said...

The rose is a beautiful flower for sure. My Mom always said, give me my flowers while I am a live, not after I am gone.. So for her Birthday one year, I had a dozen long stemmed American Beauty Roses delivered to her. She cried. and so did I.
Your quilt will be right where you put. I do this all the time..
Enjoy your day!!

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

I hope you find your missing quilt top! Old rose bushes are the best. Today's roses are pretty but they certainly don't have the scent of the older ones. Your stitcheries are wonderful :)

Diana and LaDonna said...

It must be something going around...losing track of things! I'm in search mode myself! I hope you find it!

Your roses are stunning!


Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

Sounds like it is spring cleaning in the summer...Is it summer yet?

Love the little stitcheries!

Glad the tornado missed you! It has been a scary spring all over the place!

Cheryl said...

I love roses too...this time of year is one of my favorites!!

Shannon said...

I am sure you will find it. I am like that. I lose things all the time. That rose looks so pretty.

Miss Hillbilly said...

Oh, my, have you found it yet, or are you still looking?

All those UFO's I would go crazy! I would drive my family insane!

I hope you have a great power sewing weekend!

Sheila said...

Hope you find your quilt, so you can get outside.
It's so hot here. Supposed to be 97 degrees Sunday.
Love old roses bushes.
Pretty needle work. You are very talented, Sharon.

Quiet Quilter said...

Have you read James Whitcomb Riley's book, "Riley Roses"? Don't know if I like the illustrations or the poems the best (1909 copyright). Poems: A Discouraging Model, Old Fashioned Roses, and The Rose... Illustrated by Howard Chandler Christy..Lovely!

RobynLouise said...

I like your little verse :).
Strangely enough as the winter starts here we still have a blooming rose on the red rose bush and one on the yellow! The red is an old rose variety so smells divine. Yellow being a hybrid someone gave me I need to shove my nose into it to discover any scent.
I do hope you haven't accidentally donated your quilt but if you have that someone has the good sense to finish it off and pass it along to someone who needs it. Thankfully many quilters also spend much time poring through opportunity(goodwill) shops!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Cheryll said...

Oh Sharon I do hope you find your quilt... but if it has gone out as a donation.. well LuCky recipient! Your work is always so wonderful! But I know it will turn up and you'll say :Oh I remember putting it there now...and you'll laugh!
Enjoy your time outdoors.. it's a beautiful sunny clear day here too! :)

Anonymous said...

what beautiful stitcheries Sharon

Anonymous said...

Beautiful roses and stitcheries, too, Sharon. Here in the south, we have lovely wild roses that grow like crazy along the roadsides and edges of pastures - love to drive along with the windows down and take in the fragrance! I don't know their real name, but I welcome them every June!
Jacque in SC

Sparky said...

I am sew inspired by your flowers, embroidery...just lovely..