Thursday, June 22, 2017

Whoop Whoop Friday

I am happy to say that all those plaid/stripe blocks are now done!  Now they will take their turn being sewn into foursies as part of my Scrappy Wednesday.  This is my year to 'enjoy' and I am enjoying my year long tiny block projects.

I added to the Temecula flying geese project.  There are 60 more geese to go and I'm not rushing them.

Today I will concentrate on getting the 'mamma' stars into their flimsy stage.  All of the sashings and corner stones are cut - this should chain right thru the machine.  It's to be a rainy day (rain for the next 5 days), good day to stitch away.

They look a little lonely!  My start on the temperature quilt.  I am using the mid-day temp as my day's temperature for selecting fabric.  We have quite a difference from morning to dusk right now, so this makes it easier.  Although that one looks yellow, it actually is a very limey green.

The biggest Whoop is the new printer is finally here - the last techie part to get updated/replaced.  I got a wonderful deal at half price and ink cartridges 20% off and I had enough marks on my Office Max member's card to get another 10% off my entire order.

Sewingly Yours,


  1. Canon,my favourite for cameras and printers. Love the temperature start.

  2. Great to learn all the features:)

  3. Fun projects, and what a deal on the ink for your printer!

  4. Oh yay! You're gonna love that printer. It looks similar to ours. We've had good luck with Canons.

  5. We had to get a new printer, too. A storm last week, took out our printer. No power at all, no matter where we plugged it in. The next version of our printer was on sale, and, with trade in, cost the same as the current version. Same ink, thank goodness (I'd just bought more ink). At least I don't have to learn a new printer. I use my printer more than anyone else in the house.

  6. rainy day here as well, lots of fun projects