Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Scrap Storage

Val's Quilting Studio

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This week's theme is about scrap storage and linking up past posts.  I am a scrap quilter and get scraps in all the time, so a bit hard to search for a good post on this one - so we start from scratch.  This was a new donation just yesterday.  A lot of bigger pieces with a few strips and what would be equavelant to a layercake or charm.

Yes, our area quilters seem to use a lot of green, and I get swamped in it. Since there are a lot of large pieces, rather than store it I will piece a backing or two.  To me it is about using it, not storing it. 

I get so many items in that I now keep a list of other quilters and guild members who are looking for certain items and when I sort down a donation, I set aside for each of those if it is in the pile.  I know I will never use it all and would rather gift on to someone rather than stash it away.

This is my main storage center.  You can see my 'yardage' is just one shelf.  Since I work small blocks, yardage to me is actually a FQ and I keep those (scrap size) in the shoe box totes by color.  The other side with the larger totes are specialty - CW, panels, layercakes, etc..  

And a shelf of kits.  I buy kits when they are super on sale - just for the fabric which I tend to pull a few pieces from as I need.  I think those need going thru to add to the yardage shelf and then pass others on.

One bottom shelf has my few books and the other bottom shelf (you can't really see it) is where I keep my containers for those items pulled for my friends - waiting to be passed on to them as I see them.

And my play center!  These are my barrels that my project left overs or smaller donation pieces get chopped down into squares.  The shelf of 'eclare' tubs is my collection of buttons - my usable buttons.  My special heritage buttons from great-gran, aunties, grans are still in their original tins and/or boxes to fondly hold their memories. 

This stacking cube unit next to my machine holds my totes of QAL projects, mini blocks, leader/ender work, hexies (neglected), hand stitching works in progress.  And my guild books and paperwork.  Some of that will be passed on to the new program committee (I was Chair the last term), but then I get to add new stuff as the in-coming President.

You may have caught sight of this and wondered my I didn't show - well here it is.  This is my SIL's area of storage.  She has three projects that are on the verge of 'finish' and then this will get re-organized.

Thanks for visiting and remember today is National Sewing Machine Day - go love your machine(s).  I have our guild's picnic tonight - we break for Summer.  I get to share some fabulous food with some fabulous people.
We have a fun little game to play while the techno gets set up for the program - a special viewing of "Threads for Life".

Sewingly Yours,


  1. I tend to store my batiks by colour, in oblong plastic bins. Then I have actually cut some strips in cottons, as wide as the scraps would take, then the boxes with patterned cottons, odd batting scraps, interfacing, buttons ( yes I have some from my Mum and earlier too), zips in a box, then cord, ribbon and Velcro. I no sooner seem to get it organised, and then a mess comes from nowhere!!! Love your barrels, and being able to see everything a huge bonus. Passing on fabric to others is wonderful.

  2. Love your food chain storage system and being able to see what's in the boxes and tubs is a great help. I need to do a bit of a resort as everything has got a bit messy over the last few months.

  3. That organization looks amazing, this must save you so much time when you start something.

  4. I'm keeping my fabrics in bags on a closet shelf. I try to use the scraps when I get more than a bag full. Thankfully, my Scrap Dance quilts use a lot of scraps.

  5. I admire those of you who organize your scraps this way. Mine get done by color and I have three sizes: big, medium, small.

  6. I really like those big, clear jars! Are they plastic? They'd be super heavy if they are glass. It's fascinating to read how different people organize their scraps. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Yowzer - not sure which is more work - Prez or program chair!
    Gotta start loving those hexies again. Wink. Saturday is HeLP...

  8. It all looks so organized and easy to access.

  9. You have such a great organized system, evidenced by all the scrappy projects you finish.