Friday, June 30, 2017

Bag Ladies - June Link Up

Cat Patches

I have to thank BARBARA for introducing me to these fabulous ladies.  They came pre-printed and pre-colored on muslin that is still set to the "freezer-paper" in the print processing that they use.  You just peel them off and can stitch with suggested color(s) and Stitch style.

I like to put a light weight fuseable stableizer on the back to help strenthen the fabric for stitching as well to hide any knots, oops or thread cross-over.  And since I am making them into each their own mini quilt, it helps with a nicer lay to the piece.

I had  pulled another 'new' lady for the month of June, but I had fallen behind on my May's sweet girl.  I have used three different stitches and thread options for her hair and haven't liked any of them - thus, she is still not finished.  All her 'quilt' units and borders are waiting for me to get my act together.

These are for fun and to work on at your own pace, but I feel I neglect them when it takes too long to make one final decision.

Today we expecting some severe weather which means powering down (and unplugging) - so some handwork will see the light of day.

Sewingly Yours,


  1. Her hair looks fine to me, the pocket with scissors, a cookie jar, and two bags, bigger sizes, these are all so lovely.

  2. I love your bag ladies! I've just begun to follow you and this is the first I have seen them. I think I need to try to find them!

  3. She looks fabulous, as always.

  4. I love your bag ladies too. Hang in there with the terrible weather.